I need to change this font before I lose my mind

Hey everyone, does anyone know how to change the default wanikani japanese font
(windows 11, chrome)

I believe if you install a Japanese IME it will change the font

I did …nothing

There’s a font randomizer script but if you don’t like the default, you might not like the script’s fonts either


If I remember correctly, the font randomizer works with Japanese fonts installed on your computer, so if you only install fonts you like it might work well for you.

Other than that, apparently there’s an advanced font settings extension for Chrome which you can use to set preferred fonts by language. I haven’t used it though, so I have no idea how well it works.

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Care to give a screenshot of the current Wanikani font you don’t like? And also perhaps what you prefer?

the default wanikani font is no good?

I know there is the script jitai to randomize them, it would be good I could change to the same font used in Genki books, they are good IMO.

If you’re on Windows then it makes a difference if you have the Japanese Supplemental Fonts installed.

Other than that, you’ll need to use userscripts to change it AFAIK.


Thanks guys I’m gonna try these out; I’ll let you know if they work.

Sorry about the late reply. I believe the name of the font is Meiryo

The default script was fine but I believe after installing the IME on my laptop it got changed.

You can override the font with a very simple Userscript, or just Inspect Element.

Wanikani default font list


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Thanks, I actually removed the font from the registry and so far it’s great but I’ll use this to add some variety. Thanks again

This is awesome. Thank you so much. Now I change the font whenever I want. :star_struck:

I was wondering what happened! I installed a japanese input yesterday and the front changed :slight_smile:

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