WaniKani Daily Digest - Get a daily email with your WaniKani progress!

Hey all,

A month or two ago, I was experimenting with the idea of having daily emails sent to me with more information about how I was doing with my WaniKani studies. Since WaniKani only sends emails with the number of lessons and reviews you have pending, it's very limiting for some things I wanted to keep track of. For example, I had no idea of how many items I burned, and often I would find that I leveled up the previous day without noticing.

I built a quick prototype for this and have had it working for myself. I thought it was working well enough, so I decided to put up a simple site to allow others to access it and gauge the general interest for this type of project, as well as have others provide more ideas on things to do to build it out some more. I made it available today at https://wanikanidailydigest.com.

The way it works is when you sign up and provide your API key, the server will pull some of your WaniKani data (currently Level Progression and SRS Distribution - see the API docs for more info) on a daily basis and send you an email with changes between yesterday and today, as well as "achievements" like when you burned items, leveled up, made progress with the current level, etc.

I have the site set up as a closed beta, since I can't allow too many people in at once. WaniKani has low API limits in place (100 API calls per hour) and I need to make multiple API calls for each person to get the data needed for the email. It's a first-come, first-serve deal right now. Just enter your email address on the form in the home page so I can know you're interested. Once you're allowed to sign up, you can use any email address you'd like to get the daily emails. I won't send anything other than beta access / signup confirmation messages and the daily messages, nothing else, so don't worry about me bombarding you with email or spam or anything like that.

The site and the email are pretty barebones intentionally - I want to see how much interest there is in this idea before dedicating more time to it. It would suck to spend weeks on something that no one wants at all!

Feel free to let me know any comments, thoughts, bug reports, suggestions, critiques, etc. either in this thread, on Twitter, or shoot me an email: dennis@wanikanidailydigest.com. I look forward to having more people using this tool besides me :)

Sounds interesting, this might help to keep me motivated.

When I entered my email adres I got the following message:

“The change you wanted was rejected.
Maybe you tried to change something you didn’t have access to.”

Zorayas said...Edit:
When I entered my email adres I got the following message:
"The change you wanted was rejected. Maybe you tried to change something you didn't have access to."
 Ah, sorry about that, I think I handled that bug!
dennmart said... Ah, sorry about that, I think I handled that bug!
 Checked again and it's working perfectly now, thank you!

Thanks to everyone who signed up to test things out!

Some of you may have noticed some weirdness in those first couple of daily emails - There were a few bugs I caught after more people jumped on board… But this is why you test things out in a closed beta! Hopefully those bugs are squashed now and things are back to normal.

I’ll be looking at what to add to enhance these messages next, so stay tuned!

I just wanted to ask if this is still supported. It hasn’t really worked reliably during the last couple of weeks, and today I started getting emails very frequently, about 10-15 emails just today.

I enjoyed the feeling of momentum as I got a summary of each days progress so if this service is still supposed to be maintained I wanted you to know.

Sorry for bumping a really old thread, maybe the userbase isn’t that big considering.

Hey, I’m really sorry I didn’t respond to this before. I noticed the issues the service was having, but I didn’t have much spare time to sit down to fix the issues. I was able to take a breather this week and spent the last few days finally squashing all the bugs that I found. I was able to fix the issues and reset the service, so you should be receiving the daily emails as usual in the next day or two, depending on your time zone.

I still use the service for the same purpose as you - it keeps me motivated seeing a little progress by doing things every day. There’s very few people using the service, to be honest (Less than 40 sign-ups, last time I checked). But I still want this to help others as it does with me, so I hope that it continues to be useful to those who do use it!

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Thanks for replying! You are providing a totally free service, and I just want to make clear that I am very happy for anything you are able to provide. You do not owe anyone anything and any reasonable person realizes this.

That said, I would be happy if the service started working again and I thank you for using your spare time to look into what caused the problems.