Hi all!
I’m going to hit level 5 today! I’m very excited about it and I feel my knowledge growing so fast! I work with a Japanese expat who I can talk to about use cases and such. It makes the process so much more memorable and enjoyable!
Anyway, I’m coming up on two months of using WaniKani. Am I going slowly? I tend to do my reviews quickly and average around 88%.
What are your experiences with the rate of getting through levels?
Also, thanks for being such a great community!
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With 20 days I am just wrapping up level 2, so it sounds to me like we’re at a very similar pace :slight_smile:


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Talking about it as objectively as (I) possible(y can).

4 levels in 2 months, considering (that maybe, iirc) the first 2 levels are fast levels, is a bit on the slow side, but it all depends how much previous knowledge you have.

If you had to learn hiragana and familiarize yourself with on/kun readings and all that, you’re probably fine. Also, if you’re usually busy, or just don’t prioritize WaniKani as much, 2 weeks is pretty good per level.

I went all 7-9 days levels until I didn’t, but because I had the time, and the drive (more or less).

It also feels longer to say you’re on level 4 after 2 months, than saying you do 2 weeks per level.

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I had very little knowledge coming in. Knew a bit of hiragana but had to basically learn it all anew. So the first two levels took me 20+ days!
I want to work on speeding up my levels now. I installed some scripts and learned more about SRS.
I do work full time so I don’t think I’ll be able to get to one week per level but my goal right now will be 11 days per level!
Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Good luck on your journey. :+1:

Remember, use, don’t abuse the scripts.


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