Wanikani Confessions


Oh my god, why haven’t I added synonyms for some of these. That is a brilliant idea.


Yikes, what kinds of things are you judging on a daily basis…


Guilty of this as well. Gotten lazy lately, though, and just use the KW ignore button more liberally (but I make sure I actually know what the alternatives were first!).

I’ll often know exactly what a kanji/vocab means, but completely forget the English word (and I’m a native speaker, what the heck brain?!). So some of my synonyms are just made-up phrases that no one actually uses but mean the same thing as the actual English word/phrase. Other synonyms are purposeful misspellings that WK didn’t accept, but that I know I’ll manage to do again.


I keep getting 官僚 wrong and having to ignore it because I can’t spell bu— well you know :sweat_smile:
Wait is this a Wanikani confession or a spelling confession? :thinking:


I must confess my deepest, darkest WaniKani secret: I LOVE CUTE PUPPIES!!!

…and the occasional squirrel…


Guilty of (probably) all of the above, and

WaniKani Community confession:

  1. I wondered where everyone was getting their portrait-with-an-orange-background avatars suddenly, looked on the Internet, and couldn’t find such a service (obviously, now that I know who’s doing them), and just decided to make a cartoon version of myself (using an existing service).

  2. I’m not as handsome as my avatar, though my moustache may be.


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image https://media3.giphy.com/media/xUOwFSPHuSn1F7nwli/200w.gif?cid=19f5b51a5c37845d4946647145e9e7d5

Except @lollipophuho, you are legit




I bought too many of those…


Sometimes in kaniwani, when I don’t know the answer, I’ll just open Wanikani in a different tab and search for the answer… >.<




Sometimes when I get a meaning right but can’t remember the reading, I’ll expand the information about the item to view the reading. That way I don’t miss it when it comes around.

I try not to, though. I promise.


If I get an answer stupid-wrong on laptop (like typing the reading for the meaning :scream:) I close the tab and do the same review on my phone instead so I don’t get marked down.

Also, I just realised (after two years on here!) that if you hold the shift key while typing in the reading box you get katakana. WTF.


If I had to say something I sometimes feel guilty about… I downloaded the third party WK app for my phone, but got sick of the constant review notifications, so I just completely blocked it from making notifications on my phone. In fact, I rarely use it unless I’ve got nothing better to do on a journey.


I don’t know if this counts as a confession, but when I’m on the road and don’t have the reorder script, I use my own makeshift method of preventing certain lessons from entering the review queue…

I just answer them incorrectly until the items I wanted to filter are done. It can be annoying, but it does get the job done, brute force style.


Et tu @Leebo??!!

image https://media0.giphy.com/media/43p3RwLekL2hi/giphy.gif?cid=19f5b51a5c37c43b795633424d63fd2e


How fast have you been leveling up on average this time around?


I have a message from Koichi to all of you, people :

“This flood was caused by you! It is because you did not believe in the holy Crabigator! It is because you didn’t do your kanji reviews. It’s because you used ignore scripts and reordering scripts and you sinned, sinned, sinned!”

( 洪 - flood - mnemonic, level 56 :wink: )


I still haven’t studied grammar.