Wanikani Confessions

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I created the Beginner Japanese Book Club and I have yet to finish reading よつばと!


Sometimes I spend more time thinking about WK people than people I know IRL… :blush:
And don’t get me started on how many times I’ve woken up wondering about that Durtle puzzle!

At the end of a lesson session, you get a page which shows the words you just learned. Click on those to easily access the user synonym spot. (I know you don’t need it any more, but it might help someone else.)


Im not level 59, I’m actually level 60!


I had been doing like 8 day levels for most of the time.

I slowed in November to devote more time to other stuff in preparation for N1, and then, since reviews and lessons had piled up, I slowly eliminated all the vocab will also getting ready for Kanken this week. I just recently leveled up for the first time in a while, and plan to go back to my normal pace again.


Don’t go too fast or you’ll beat me to level 60 a second time. :joy:


I switch between devices too when I get something wrong especially items I’m annoyed with and want to bury. But is it okay to be letting all these secrets out the bag though? :thinking::sweat_smile:

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During reviews, if I don’t know an item that I just learned (did the lesson 4 hours ago), I go to the lesson page and copy down the answer,

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I have no qualms about this. It’ll work out on later levels of the SRS. I use it for typos, too. I haven’t used it for the verb vs nouns so there are a few leeches but I have been wondering if it really matters because I will understand from the context of the sentence. I just think they will eventually stick or I will deal with them once I reach level 60. Currently I am messing up the noun/adjective combinations of humble/humility and modest/modesty and with each other as even though I have checked out the difference between modesty and humility, it’s not really clear in my head. That said I think I may be close to remembering them using this mnemonic: "My son (遜) is humble while Shin (慎) has humility.


I’ve definitely been guilty of this. I’ve stopped doing it since I reset my levels :sweat_smile:


Aye, it’s really annoying on mobile with auto capitalize first letter.

The app I’m using doesn’t have any problem like that.

I use the internet browser, no app.


Ah, yeah, I tried that and it drove me insane.

I’m a sinner as well :full_moon_with_face:
But to try to atone, after I level up I try to do the past radicals and kanji as the mighty Crabigator meant for them to be done. I let myself make as many mistakes as I should - after they no longer matter for leveling up :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I’ve definitely restarted a review session if I’ve made a dumb mistake and wasn’t too far into it.

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…are you the one who is my mysterious benefactor? :hushed:
thx :kissing_closed_eyes:

p.s. I confess I am ignoring my reviews at this very moment. But I promise to do them soon!


After that lovely gift of yours I had to :heart:

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I’m not looking for ways to cheat (though a few levels from now I may well wish for some!)–is there any way beyond doing the reviews right away to move a bit faster? I’m loving the process so far (only on Level 4) but much is review since I’ve studied Japanese in the past. Would like more lessons! I see some of you see ten lessons a day and I’m jealous because many days I see none. I’ve poked around in the archives so I’m guessing there’s not much more I can do, but thought I’d ask since you all have such interesting strategies.

To level up you need to have at least 90% of the current level kanji up to guru, so the only thing that actually matters if you want to go fast is to do the level’s radical lessons as soon as you level up, then when they get to guru do the kanji lessons as soon as possible, and of course you also need to do the reviews whenever they’re available.

Maybe you’re not going fast enough because when you level up you first do the vocab lessons from the previous level, then the radicals and kanji from the current level.

There’s a script you can use to reorder lessons (and reviews, but I don’t recommend that) in order to do the radicals and kanji first and level up faster:

Just be sure to use it responsibly, because this script makes it possible to completely ignore vocabulary lessons, and you should still do them. Many users have procrastinated these lessons to the point of being several levels behind in vocabulary.