WaniKani Automatic Wallpaper for Windows 10

I developed an application that let’s you create a wallpaper showing your current progress on WaniKani. It it very similar to those generators that already exist but it has one important feature that you may appreciate - once you set it up, it can update your wallpaper automatically every time you restart computer. That’s how the result looks for me right now:

Application is written and compiled for Java 1.8 and is working fine on my Windows 10. It may work on earlier versions too but I can’t guarantee it since I don’t have a way to test it. Instructions, source code and application itself are available in GitHub repository [here]. If you have any feedback, let me know. Enjoy!


Wow, this is pretty cool! Works perfectly, but I used the Meiryo font instead. Only thing is the instructions says to press Ctrl+R instead of WinKey+R which might confuse some people. Hopefully visualising my progress will help me stick with it. Thanks!

Thanks for a note, shortcut corrected.

This is neat. Should I update my Win7 machine?

Does ithave settings like different Kanji order (JLPT, Frequency,…) or colors that you can set?

This is awesome. Thanks^^

Works fine on Windows 8.1

emin said... Should I update my Win7 machine?
 Since it works under Windows 10 and apparently under 8.1 too, there's a big change it will also work under Win7, those are very similar systems. Just download and try it.

emin said... Does ithave settings like different Kanji order (JLPT, Frequency,...) or colors that you can set?
 You can't reorder kanji (they are ordered by WK level by default) but you can change colors. Just use --help option to see full list of options (colors, margins etc.). 

Is there any way this could run in the background and update once a day at a specified time? I’m trying to set this up for my computer, but I’ve found NOTHING that works.

EDIT: So I’ve got it down to a batch file that I can run that will update the background for me. I just need to figure out how to schedule it… lol

Also, is this expected output? >_> I mean… shouldn’t it show me all the kanji on WaniKani?

Is there any way this could run in the background and update once a day at a specified time?

I don’t know how to schedule regular execution of file on Windows 10 (you can probably google it) but personally I just added it to autostart and it does the job for me. You can do it by pressing Win + R, typing shell:startup, pressing OK and placing your file in the directory that opens. You don’t need to create a batch file for this, you can simply create new shortcut and set its destination to something like
C:\Users\...\WaniKaniAutoWallpaper.jar -k 9b8...dc7 --auto.

shouldn’t it show me all the kanji on WaniKani?

It does but only when you have active account. WaniKani API doesn’t give you access to all the kanji when you are on free levels.

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@thespookyfish If you have a batch file you can try schtasks (you need to fully qualify the batch file’s path):

schtasks /create /sc DAILY /tn <UniqueName> /tr <YourBatchHere>
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What time of day would it run? Can a time be specified?

Thanks for the info~

By default, it will run at the time you first set up the task (if you set it up at 6 PM [18:00] it will run every day at 6 PM)

you can give it a specific time by adding /ST HH:mm in 24-hour format

Take a look at the Microsoft site for proper documentation

ooh awesome!! thanks

So I just installed Google’s Noto fonts, and was hoping to get them to work, but the overview doesn’t make samples of the Noto fonts? It’s weird because Noto has Japanese support.

It’s most likely because overview omits fonts that don’t support all the kanji available in WaniKani. It’s made this way to make sure that there won’t be any blank fields on the wallpaper.

What is the font you are using for the example in the fist post? It’s very nice. Is it available for download somewhere?

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I think it’s Nagayama Kai, you can easily find it in Google.

Another question, this time more complicated:
Is there a way to set the wallpaper for just one screen? I like having the left screen just black and a nice wallpaper (yours!) on the right. With the -auto option it sets the wallpaper for both screens automatically.
(I’m in windows 10 with all the updates)

Also: found the Nagayama Kai font. It’s beautiful!

It may be tricky but I’ll have a look at that.