New and Improved Wallpaper Generator

Hello, fellow acolytes!

WaniKani Kanji Wallpaper Generator

I’ve written a new WaniKani Kanji Wallpaper Generator with some advanced features.

It’s here:


  • The kanji in the wallpaper have a different color according to your WaniKani progress (i.e. Apprentice vs. Enlightened vs. Burned, etc.).
  • Automatically update your wallpaper in two clicks without opening your web browser
  • Choose from over 21 different kanji sets, including Heisig, JLPT, WaniKani Levels, etc.
  • There are over 10 different color schemes, and you can modify them with your own colors
  • There are 5 different fonts
  • There is support for Multiple Monitors, Phones, and Multiple Devices
  • You can split your kanji into sections with optional section titles
  • You can add your own wallpaper title
  • Open source
  • And more

Refreshing your computer wallpaper is super easy

You can set up your computer so that refreshing your wallpaper is as easy as double-clicking on a batch file or as right-clicking your desktop as in this picture (instructions to do this are on the site).

Browser Support

:heavy_check_mark: Chrome
:heavy_check_mark: Firefox
:heavy_check_mark: Safari
:heavy_check_mark: Microsoft Edge ver. 18+
:x: Microsoft Edge before ver. 18 (if you use Edge and it doesn’t work, try updating or switching your browser)
:x: Internet Explorer

OS Support

:heavy_check_mark: Windows 10
:heavy_check_mark: Mac OS X

How to use this

  1. Firstly, grab an API v2 “Personal Access Token” from here:
  2. On my site, paste your API key into the login form, and click “Log In”
  3. Adjust the settings and click “Save Settings” (that’s important!)
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Download Wallpaper”

That’s it for the basic usage. If you want to enable the advanced features (like automatic updating or multiple monitors), follow the instructions on the site.

How to contribute

If you have an idea, then post it down below. If you know how to code, then check out the source code here.

If you like this, let me know! I would love to hear your feedback, and I will gladly accept new feature ideas, public-domain fonts, and color schemes to add to this.


Looks pretty cool, thanks!


All the settings to customize it is great, looks awesome. Thanks!


Thank you! I’m glad to see it in action!

Thank you! And welcome to the community :slight_smile:

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Love it! Any chance for 4k support? The screen size values only go up to 3000.

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Wow, this is VERY cool! It also puts in perspective how little kanji I’ve seen so far, haha.

Not sure if you plan on developing it further - but I think it would be interesting to see if a GIF form is possible. One that could show your over-time progress - turning each character the color(s) as you progressed them.

I’m not sure if the API gives you that information (although it might!) and it would be a lot of data to parse/order, but seemed like an interesting concept.


I’m a 1920x1080 plebeian and never even thought about 4k, but I just now changed the limit to be 4000 instead of 3000 :slight_smile: Thank you for the feedback!


Thank you very much! Yeah, I have so little kanji learned that I needed to borrow someone else’s key for testing and development because I only have, like, 18 Apprentice kanji and over 2000 unseen kanji :expressionless:, lol

I do plan on developing this further, actually, and that is a great idea! Regular gif wallpapers aren’t really well supported, but there is this one program called Rainmeter that you can use to add custom, interactive features to your desktop (including animated wallpapers). Your idea intrigues me, so I’ll look into it! :slight_smile:


Very nice and pretty! Thanks!


Thank you! looks really good so far tho, just would look better in higher res :laughing:

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Thank you! And also, seeing your wallpaper as gradient as it is gave me an idea for an easy way to reverse colors, so I just implemented it, and then I had another idea. So here is two more buttons that do stuff:


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Okay fine. 4100, but no higher :wink:

If you do want better relative resolutions, though, you could always decrease the number of kanji that are showing on the page. For example, with JLPT, you could do just JLPT N5 to N3, since N2 and N1 will take a while to get to. Or with WaniKani levels, you could just do WaniKani Pleasant to Painful until you get to Painful.

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This is sooo cool and now my iPad background (which a majority of my studies is done on). Thanks so much. :star_struck: It’ll be neat to watch it fill more as I level.


Haha thank you, just wanted to increase to 4k tho :smile: Really great work with this background though.

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oh wow! Much more color than mine but love those names for the categories!

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It looks very nice. I’d suggest to add iPhone XR along the default resolutions (it’s different from iPhone X). Other than that it is very cool :slight_smile:

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iPhone XR is added now – thank you!

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I’ll check soon :wink:

Also the automation part as I had it before.

This is how it looked last week… we’ll se now


Thanks a lot! Where have you been in early 00’s? I dreamt of wallpapers from Matrix movie. Now I have it though. :slight_smile: