Wanikani app - zero lessons and zero reviews

But if I open wanikani in a browser it shows a lesson and some reviews.

Is this an error? How can I fix this?

There is no official Wanikani app, you’re probably using an old one that’s no longer supported. Do you have an iPhone? You could use Tsurukame, that still works; I think there’s a different app for Android too.


You will get new lessons when you have reviewed your items enough times successfully.
The first time you unlock an item, they are level “Apprentice 1”. When you get quizzed on them, if you answer correctly they get to “Apprentice 2”, then 3, then 4, then “Guru 1”.
When about 80% of the kanjis you unlocked are Guru’ed, that levels you up, which automatically unlocks new lessons.

Sorry that’s not what I mean.

The app is telling me I have zero lessons and zero reviews.

But the desktop website is saying I have one lesson and a few reviews.

This is the answer. Thank you!

I’m using smoldering durtles and the lesson and extra reviews are showing. Thanks.