Wanikani day 1/2

Hi there, I know the pace of Wanikani is slow for the first few levels and I’ve read the faq and use guides but I’m wondering if this is normal.

I signed up yesterday and according to the starter guide should be able to review the radicals but there is no option to. It still shows 0 lessons and 0 reviews available.
When I go to the only lesson I can get to it’s only 6 of the 26 radicals and the quiz button is grated out so I can’t select it.
In again to this when I look at the Wanikani app dashboard it says my next review is December 31, 1969.
Am I missing something?

Any help you can provide is much appreciated.

Are you using one of the phone apps? Those are unofficial third party stuff. Can you check via a pc or phone browser what it says there if you are using an app?

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Whew, december 31 1969 huh? You’re a bit late for that, haha


Did you go through the lessons when you got to the page where you can see the quiz button?

You have to view all the info for the items before it will let you take the quiz. On the right hand side of the lesson page you’ll be able to click on an arrow to go right, or you can just use keyboard arrows.


Ahh thank you this worked! I was using the gray dots on the bottom to navigate through the sections instead of the arrow at the right so it didn’t recognize that I reviewed the content.


Ahh okay I didn’t realize they were third party. Makes sense why the review date is so off now :joy:


Hope that solves it. ^^

If things are still wonky, the way to get resolved faster would be to email the team at hello@wanikani.com

Welcome to WaniKani!

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