Wanikani & Anime : Usescript Request

Wanikani is missing Anime! Let’s bring anime into Wanikani. There are a few words that are very frequently used in a particular anime. Like 集金 (しゅうきん) is always used in One Piece as bounty, 集める (あつめる) lvl 10 is used in pokemon as “collecting pokemon”, 教室 (きょうしつ) lvl 7 is in the title of Assassination Classroom etc.

We don’t need a mnenonic for these words. We already know them. But I don’t recognize some of these words during lessons, and then while watching anime, there is “I know this word” moment.

What I suggest is a userscript, That will give the name of anime whenever the vocab pops up in lesson. If you have watched the anime (may of us watch a lot of anime), there is no need to use a mnenonic for the word. Sometimes you won’t recognize the word off the bat, but after the userscript suggestion and a google, you will.

Maybe the community will help to create the list of words and anime. If I knew javascript I would surely make the userscript, but I don’t , so I am asking for help.

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I like this idea! There have been several mnemonics on readings I never learned cause I just knew it from a word already (either that specific word or able to recognize this kanji will be used for said word and later getting to it and was wright)
Not always from Anime, often it was from Lion King (since I know it by heart I can watch it without subtitles, and have done so so many times in the past I still find words I recognize from there, even though it has been about 5 years since I last watched it and didn’t even understand the word at the time; it just stuck!)

I also catch lots of words from Naruto in particular. Having watched ALL episodes, some several times, that is quite a few hours total =P
And though I have watched some Animes in English, Naruto is not one of them. Saw episode one once on a event, and cringed through it XD
I saw most of Inuyasha in English, just cause it got borring, wanted to do something else while watching (can’t do that with Jap version) and Fruits Basket I’ve watched several times in both languages (only one I own on DVD =) )

Guess no one is intrested

I actually think the idea behind this is not bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more people that would like to have a script like this (myself included).

However, it would be quite a difficult script to make. Even if many people want this, most people won’t have the time to contribute towards vocab lists and the like (hence using wanikani to save time on studying).

I imagine you would need to write a program to get transcriptions of dialogue from the net for as many anime as possible, before analysing each one to see which words are used commonly. This would then need to be saved in a spreadsheet or something, to keep track of it all. It might be possible for one person to do this for a show they really like and see which words are used in which episodes and such, but doing this for many anime would be quite a lot of work and would need updating every now and then.

The other option would be a script that already exists (Community Mnemonics). If people were to use this script to add a custom mnemonic to say “I heard this in Naruto!” or something, then I suppose that would also serve the same purpose (Ideally with an example line from the show, or description of which character uses it and when).

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