Mnemonics via manga/anime words


I believe many of the WK users watch at least one anime VOST and probably remember a few buzz words from them. In line with this old thread, I think WaniKani could harness their power by incorporating them into a kind of “alternative” mnemonic.

A good example of this I can come up with are the 電 and 虫 kanji, which could use the fact that in the One Piece world it’s very common to refer to the “でん-でん-むし”, snails (I think technically not insects but non biologists won’t care too much :stuck_out_tongue: ) that act as telephones. If one already remembers 虫 means insect, it should be straightforward to remember むし if WK could bind the thought of an insect to these snail-phones. The same would go for 電.


This feature could be implemented as a tab named by the Anime. So for example in the page for both kanji there could be a small tab in the Reading Mnemonic section called “One Piece” that shows this match.

The same could be done with Meaning mnemonics. For example, 正義 which means “Justice” it’s also frequent in the OP universe as it’s the word stamped behind Navy’s admirals coat, and OP fans know it says Justice regardless of whether they learn Japanese or not.


Hope you find it useful! :slight_smile:



well, users can just add a note to the items in question for alternative mnemonics or things that help them remember. don’t think a separate additional feature is really necessary in this case.

coincidentally, i use one piece as well as my primary mental crutch. have learned 正義 just recently and immediately recognizing it of course :laughing: or things like 実在 as in ワンピースは実在する!! or other typical anime word (守る、倒す and whatnot). those again are already so familiar, though, that i don’t even have to make a note.


I agree it is very nice WK users can customize their experience this way. It is not necessary of course as WK is already very good. But I would see it as a great improvement because I am lazy enough to not write down my own notes, specially cause I believe I would be the only one reading them. Besides, it might be sth many people do independently. Why not getting it very well done once by a WK developer and then making it available for everyone? Specially for the most frequent animes and terms. To me it would make the WK experience just great!!

Nice one with ワンピースは実在する! Didn’t remember it at all haha :smiley:

I learned a whole bunch of terms thanks to JoJo such as 「時よ止まれ」,「仇は取ったぜ」, or 「その身尽きてもその魂は死なず。____ここに眠る」
Also I believe it’s a rule that every action anime must have at least one instance of 届けえええ!

Exactly, I am sure many people can relate some kanjis to their anime experience. What is 届けえええ?

It’s the imperative of 届く - to reach (exteeended for dramatic effect). The protagonist typically shouts this when they want their attack to reach its target.

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How about no.

Cool, I’ll try remember :wink:

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