WaniKani and User Scripts in a Swift Playground on iPad

I’d like to share something I put together for a certain subset of wanikani users. Users who…

  • have an iPad
  • know how to program in Swift
  • like to use WaniKani their iPad

There may already be something out there that does what this playground does, but maybe not one that you can throw right into the Swift Playgrounds app on the iPad. Even if there is, it was fun to figure out how to put it together.

When I’m commuting on the train I like to do reviews on my iPad, but I also like to have the WaniKaniOverride script available when I’m reviewing. Since userscripts don’t work on any browser I had on my iPad, I ended up working on this instead of working on my reviews. Maybe now I can get back to doing reviews… ¯\(ツ)