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Hey, I was wondering if it was at all possible to use scripts on an iPhone for WaniKani. My situation is I only own an iPhone currently and no computer, but I’d like to use the reorder script. Is this at all possible, or am I out of luck unless I get a computer? Thanks in advance!

If it’s available on iOS, you can try the Firefox mobile browser. I’ve had some luck with getting tampermonkey scripts to run on that, but only the timeline scripts, so ymmv when trying some others.

Additionally, I found that on mobile I needed to make sure the browser homepage was loaded first before navigating to WK. If I resumed the browser (like after a phone reboot) and it loaded WK automatically, the scripts wouldn’t kick in.

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The iOS version of Firefox does not support user script.
There’s a crazy hack with chrome (you edit a bookmark so that it would load a page cooked with your script) but the script obviously goes away as soon as you navigate away from the page.

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I use the alicrab app when doing reviews on my iphone since it has some scripts built in. (like override for ignoring typos.) I don’t think it has the reorder option, but then I don’t reorder anything.


What about this app? The creator did say he would add some of the most common scripts. I’m not sure if the reorder already exists in this app or if it’s even planned but… idk… check it out (I’m an android user).


Thanks @JavaSparrow, @Naphthalene, @hachiken, and @jprspereira for your input. Turns out that the app has the reorder script built in, I just had to mess around in the settings to turn it on.


No apple pretty locked down on that.
Safari is the base for all web browsers. Even Firefox and chrome on the App Store are really just fancy skins over a safari framework.

It works in android because you able to give apps more root access, Apple won’t allow this with safari.
The best thing you could do if you wanted to if use a Remote Desktop app.

If you jailbreak your iPhone then may have some options but I don’t know much about that anymore.

Like others has said your best bet is one the apps

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