Help With Writing a Userscript

I have several Wanikani tools/games that I’ve written with Javascript but I just can’t seem to figure out how to make them into userscripts. Right now they are just .html and .js files that I have to manually load :disappointed: They include a search-by-on’yomi tool, a radical search, a verb or adjective lister, and a game where you match the onyomi to the kanji for each level.

I think that they might be helpful for the WK community, but first I need some help from you guys. Anyone willing to help me out?

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For personal use:
Install the Tampermonkey extension and make a new script, copy and paste the code.

For publication:
Go to Greasemonkey, make an account, make a new script, copy and paste the code, publish, share on the forums.


Thanks, I do have those installed but I meant more of the technical details of writing the code. Right now I’m getting tripped up with making my userscript access the API data to make an array.


I’m not too familiar with the API myself, but you can have a look that the v2 documentation here

And the Wanikani Open Framework by rfindley, made to make using the API simpler, here