Wall of Shame Fortune Telling - (Aka I think Wanikani is trying to tell me something)




But I don’t want to carry Injustice!


Reminds me of グンナル・ダム (Flay Gunnar in English version) from Mana Khemia, who wanted to be a Hero of Justice, but as there were not enough injustice he created an evil syndicate and became a villain instead :sweat_smile:
Still, I think there’s quite enough injustice in our world to encourage any more…


I have official permission to be elegant!


Yeah. My feelings exactly as I’m forced to do wanikani on my phone for a week now… (Typoing so badly on phone)


:thinking: I can’t imagine.




Negotiations with the Forces of Injustice can be tricky and dangerous…


Such an anti mainstream


I know what I must do.


I guess I won’t shine just yet in my learning progress… :stuck_out_tongue:


That 末 kanji is so similar to the kanji for husband, not yet, the jet radical. Just ugh. Don’t even get me started.


This is…shady business


And that’s why I keep on getting it confused with the kanji for “end”. And I haven’t even unlocked the kanji yet for “husband”, only the radical for it…


True, it’s perfectly normal for me to carry something…


that’s how i differentiate/remember these:

“未” is not yet the end (末), because the top line is missing something.
husbands aren’t depicted with a penis (夫), cause that would be rude :sweat_smile:
and for the jet radical i have just set “not yet” as synonym, since i work with my own mnemonics anyway.


This approach is both very realistic and very sad at the same time…


No offtop but since PM is gone: A good stylus is essential for Handi-Kani.



¿Revolución? :thinking: