Wall of Shame Fortune Telling - (Aka I think Wanikani is trying to tell me something)


Does this equal depression?


Guess the great Crabigator wants me to raise a daughter.


Not even going to ask how this is possible.


Hmm… Perhaps your knowledge of those kanji/vocab is no longer fresh?


Of course Crabigator-sama. but please tell me this has nothing to do with grades.


It’s just telling me what I’m supposed to do I guess :sweat_smile:




Great, just great! So, not only would I have to find a counter made entirely of flat objects, but I’d have to carry it myself all the way to the shop that needs it too!..


I think he’s right: :thinking:

I’ve been working crazy hours, 5:30-20 or 7-23, I haven’t been doing that whole “sleeping” thing particularly well lately…:see_no_evil:


I wish I could do this for vacation time :pleading_face:


Excuse me, WaniKani?


is not looking so good right now.


I’m moving to a new house in 2 days and many friends will help me.
The house will be crowded and I will surely inspect (once agaon) the house and all the stuff I bring with me.


Hell I get it, im fixing to lose but dont got to be so forward :sweat_smile:


The “not yet to shine” was to the point – level 7 was so far my slowest level (11 days). Hopefully, level 8 will go a tad faster. :stuck_out_tongue:


yes! ^.^




Just means it’s got you licked.


not the sheep’s booty, the used postage stamp. Although some people are funny that way…