Waiting is painful

do the waits get longer? or will i have a lot more to do at a time later? sorry i’m new but these radicals feel like they’re tattooed into my brain… … not to mention i looked ahead and memoriized a lot of the vocabulary and kanji in the first level without unlocking it sigh

The waiting intervals for levels 1 and 2 are sped up relative to the rest of the program, so you will have to wait longer between reviews in future levels, but you’ll also have older reviews coming back with more frequency. People often mention being frustrated by the waiting until about level 4 or 5, after which you should have a pretty steady stream of old and new reviews.

You can use the extra time to get yourself further grounded in some other areas of Japanese, because WaniKani is laser-focused on one thing: how to read kanji.

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Dont worry, it gets faster. Personally I do 20 lessons a day and have ~200 reviews everyday, which isn’t even the max speed possible on this application. Youll be able to go even faster from level 48 on.

As leebo said, for right now just do something else with your time. If you want to do something japanese related, youre really the best judge on how to spend your time as we dont know your level. If you are a beginner, I would recommend getting grammar basics down. Personally I used Tae Kim’s guide, but its all up to preference.

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alright thank you i suppose i should also look more into grammar

Generally one of two things will happen as you progress forward:

  1. You do all lessons at once, study hard, and have near-perfect accuracy (at least on radicals and kanji) while doing your reviews right as they come up. You’ll be bored for a while probably, as your WaniKani life will be an alternation of nothing to do and large lumps of reviews at time. Then, when the Burn reviews hit in the 20s, you will be pounded with reviews (from what I hear).

  2. You have not-so-perfect accuracy, mess up radicals and kanji, or don’t keep up regularly with lessons and/or reviews. In this case, once you acquire enough items, the spaced intervals between them will provide you with a lot to do at most likely a slow by steady stream.

Of course, you’re experience could be anywhere between these. I lean more towards the first, but work and life circumstances have me missing reviews for up to two days straight, resulting in occasional levels being in the 8 or 9 day time-span. Either way, things will pick up. The first few levels were misery for me (as I had prior Japanese experience), but bear with it and it’ll definitely get better.

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Don’t worry if at first it’s slow. At higher level you wish sometime to have less review. Waking up with 200 review is heavyyyyyyy but when you can actually read some sentences you get really happy and motivated.

Btw welcome to the world of the great crabinator. Hope you will be with us for a long ride the forum are full of nice people I just love it


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