Volume Slider?

It would be really nice to be able to change how loud the voice is, instead of just being locked to the one setting.


This would be cool as long as the volume you set is persistent.

What OS are you using? Some allow you to set independent volume per application. If you are listening to multiple audio streams at once, that might help. I do it at work when I need to watch a training video or webcast and listen for alerts at the same time.

I’m using Windows 10. Volume mixer does let me set volume for different applications, but it doesn’t seem to let me change it per Chrome window (usually using YouTube for music). Occasionally, the video will be extremely quiet and even putting it on max volume will make it still much quieter than the voice.

My headphones support multiple audio tracks, so if you know of a way to split different chrome windows to different tracks that would be greatly appreciated! :smiley:


Not exactly what you were looking for, but it might help.

Nowhere near a computer today, so can’t tell you if this still works. The marked answer for the superuser question below links to an extension named Volume Master. It allows you to set volume per tab.

Disclaimer: Whenever you install something like this, be sure to do some research on the app/developer to make sure nothing shady is going on.

Thanks! I’ll check it out later!

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Just tried it out and it seems like it’ll work well, thank you!

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