Did sound volume change?

Is it just me or is the sound on Wanikani a lot louder than before? There was a content update today, so I suspect that the volume changes happened at the same time. It’s pretty annoying because even at the lowest possible volume setting on my computer, the sound is now louder than I’d like.


Sounds the same to me. You say “even at the lowest possible volume setting on my computer”, but 1% is generally pretty quiet for anything. You’re saying even 1% is too loud? I have my laptop volume at 56%, and the audio sounds normal volume.

Is it possible a driver updated on your computer? Have you listened to audio other than WaniKani to see if anything else got louder too?

No, I did not have any software updates, and other things seem the same. Also, my computer only has 25 volume increments, so the lowest possible setting is 4%.

Yup it’s louder, had to turn my volume down this morning :slight_smile:

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I noticed a sound difference a while back, maybe a week or so ago. I was slightly surprised. Might be all in my head.

Update: When I did Wanikani this morning, the volume was a lot quieter again, so things are back to normal, and will hopefully stay that way. I wish I knew what caused that or if there was anything I could do to fix it if it happens again.

Unfortunately, the sound is back to being loud again this morning.

I noticed that another site (JPDB) has the same thing where some days it is much louder than others, even at the same volume settings. Therefore, I think this must be an issue with Chrome, rather than something Wanikani specific. I wish I knew what the problem was though.

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