Surviving long Zoom meetings: audio toggle script help?

Now that I’m working from home for the indefinite future (like so many of us), I have a lot of long Zoom meetings.

I like to do Wanikani reviews during these meetings (who wouldn’t!) but I usually have my WK lesson audio set to autoplay, which is bad for meetings (I do occasionally have to unmute and talk!). And I have to use the computer audio for Zoom, so I can’t just turn my volume down on the computer.

Obviously I can click through to user settings and turn off the audio autoplay, but this is tedious, you have to exit your review session to do it, and then I always forget to turn it back on afterwards.

It seems like it should be fairly simple to create a script that provided just a button that toggled that user setting directly from the reviews page. Any chance someone generous wants to provide that for all us stranded people working from home? :slight_smile:


If you’re running a Chromium browser you can use this extension


I didn’t even think of a browser-based solution-- thank you! That’s perfect!


What’s wrong with just using the built in “mute site” option for this case?

I thought they removed the ability to mute tabs?

Don’t you want to see how your Japanese colleagues would react if Kenichi suddenly shouts…



On this topic, I have on multiple occasions tired to sneak in a couple of reviews at work, only to find out my laptop is on full volume and on autoplay ! ! :hot_face:


Yep, I have already embarrassed myself enough with my Japanese husband when I accidentally have my phone volume on and I open up the app while waiting for the microwave or something and it busts out something suddenly like 汗臭い!

This is why I know I’m not to be trusted while on video calls. :smiley:


They replaced mute tab with mute site (meaning it remembers), but you can still do it by right clicking a tab.


Woah, I had no idea! I was so mad when they removed the tab feature. I think tab muting is still more of what I personally want, but this is great too