Vocabulary export with Kindle

I was wondering what the preferred methods are for exporting vocabulary or sentences from Kindle books? Ideally I could integrate directly to Anki like Yomichan, but I haven’t heard of anything like that for Kindle.


There is an Anki addon which imports your words from KOBO ereaders, so there might be something similar for Kindle?

It seems like Kindle has a native vocabulary builder which saves words that you look up. If only I could access that list online somehow, I could feed the words into Yomichan.

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If you’re techy enough there might be a database on the kindle that you could access. That’s how the addon for Kobo works


You’re right, it looks like there is a vocab.db SQLite file you can directly access. It should be simple enough to extract the contents with Python.


There is an Amazon Notes and Highlights webpage to supposedly provide this behavior for highlights, not specifically the vocabulary builder. That said, I don’t think it works correctly for any Kindle book using their latest format (which is most of them at this point), and considering I reported this bug over a year ago I doubt it’ll be fixed.

Once that stopped working for me I switched to https://my.clippings.io. All you have to do to use that site is create an account and upload the “My Clippings.txt” file from your Kindle. The website is smart enough to skip duplicates, so you don’t have to delete / empty the file after uploading. However, this approach has a downside. It includes everything you’ve ever highlighted, not current highlights. That means if you highlighted text by accident (which I do all the time) those highlights will be included. On the plus side, since this will bring your highlights to the web, if you already use Yomichan to make Anki cards it should be easy from that point on.