N3 - Sharing contents and discussion for JLPT N3

I created this topic to share essential contents for people that will try JLPT N3. If you try N3, this is your topic.

I will recommend some youtube videos and channels like it:

1) Nihongo to Tabi. This playlist is very nice: N3文法 #103【〜に反して】 - YouTube

2) Nihongo no Mori. This video is very useful and is a complete review for N3: JLPT N3 文法!3時間 これでN3文法が終わる! All N3 grammar 3 hours video - YouTube
Also, This playlist is treasure, because teach the differences between みたい and らしい or between others grammatical structures: 【N3文法】ごとに vs たびに vs おきに <#1/20> - YouTube

3) Japanese Ammo with Misa. This is a channel that a woman teach Japanese. Very useful.

Mina-San, recommend for me other contents for JLPT N3! See you.


Any texbooks recommendations anyone? Because watching things is nice and cool, but nothing beats practice.
I guess I’ll start.
I finished Genki I and II with a teacher, but due to a conflicting schedule (like, you know, it’s hard to find a Japanese teacher when most of them live out n a different, very different time zone) and my personal greed (those teachers who don’t live 7 hours ahead charge ungodly fees) I decided to proceed on my own. The recommendation I got was 中級へ行こう to reinforce Genki and then Tobira.
Who’s got other ideas? I’m all ears :hugs::grin:

Kanzen master and Soumatome is what I’m using and they seem to cover most of it. The rest for practice and reinforcing I use 日本語の森’s videos on youtube


I second the person above. If you are trying to pass the N3 specifically you should get either the kanzen master or 総まとめ series. When you finish I recommend that you buy or in some cases download and print the practices tests.


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