Verb conjugation practice?

What have or do people use to study verb conjugations? and do you think they have helped you?

I just used to write them out on a bit of paper… There are only a handful of irregular verbs so a bit of practice with some sample verbs is I found sufficient – of course you then need to be doing enough input and output to reinforce that…


I have been using BunPro to help practice verb conjugations. Though, it has a one month free trial, but afterwards it is paid ;-; so keep that in mind. It has definitely helped me though!


I too have been using Bunpro for verb conjugations (and grammar in general), but IMO its SRS interval is not really suited for that.
(The intervals are spaced apart a bit too much for my taste)

I feel like you kinda need to drill conjugations, just as you do with kana, so for that purpose I’ve used sites like Don’s Japanese Conjugation Drill.
This has certainly helped me become more confident in understanding the respective verb form and how it’s, well, formed.


I did write them out here and there, but I never really did focused conjugation practice the way I did for French. I mostly just read/listened to stuff or tried forming sentences with words I knew. I also looked up new verbs and tried matching them to the conjugation patterns I had learnt about. Japanese is really amazingly regular: among verbs, there are only two major exceptions (する and くる, which each have their own unique patterns), maybe five common exceptions, and a total of about ten exceptions once you add the rarest ones.

However, yeah, I guess the different sub-patterns of godan verbs (the ones for which the final U sound becomes an I sound before ます in the polite form) take some getting used to, so don’t worry if you’re having trouble, and feel free to do extra practice. You can use sites like this one to get whole tables of verb forms:

After that, well, you can try covering up the verb forms in Japanese and writing them out yourself, then checking your answers. Honestly though, I’d strongly advise against memorising these verb by verb as the causative form, passive form, potential form and so on. Learn the general rules for forming these things first, then use specific examples for practice by applying those rules. Japanese isn’t like French with its 70+ different verb conjugation patterns that you just have to gradually learn to grasp. In Japanese, the rules work, and therefore, they’re worth learning, applying, and learning through applying. :grin:


I’m not OP, but this website you linked looks perfect for what I personally need! I’ll give it a shot.


This has helped me out a ton


At the moment I’m using the conjugation drills that Marumori offers. As far as I know other grammar drills might be coming someday. I also use Bunpro and that helped me but they don’t have special conjugation drills yet I think (or I missed the new feature). But Marumori is free for now so that might be a better or at least cheaper recommendation than Bunpro.


There are couple of drills here.

Technically, I think I learnt more from reading with Kanji and Furigana, English sentence translations, and listening where I understand from context. But then, drills were probably a part to get started.


This may be old fashioned but just making some good old flashcards (made out of paper) are what really helped me. If you can find a partner to practice with then thats even better. I guess it’s similar to the conjugation drills mentioned by others, except on the front write the plain form, and then on the back write out all the past/ present/ positive/negative/polite/casual forms (just for checking your answer). And then just go through them all over and over again until you don’t even have to think to answer.

When I was in beginner classes the teacher would hold up the verb and we (the students) would have to shout out the conjugated form (together and sometimes individually). It was fun like a game and it forced us to say it out loud.
Or you could also write out all the forms for a few different verbs and place them on a flat surface and have someone call out the form and then you need to find it quickly (this way is more fun with more people). This also works for vocab and kanji too!
Writing them all out also helped a lot too.
These all work well for me because I tend to learn better when there’s a physical component to the learning!

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Thanks for the site recommendation, this was just the kind of tool I was looking for to drill myself.

Thanks I’ll check it out!

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yeah I only want to drill just for the first stages while learning the basics and just getting familiar with the patterns. Thanks for the links!

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