Vacation mode didn't prevent review buildup

I just took a vacation for a few days. I had ~200 reviews pending when I entered vacation mode, and I now have >600 reviews coming out of it. I was gearing up for a grueling 200 review session and instead I’m pretty much drowning. It’s like I didn’t ever even click the vacation button :frowning:

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Uhh…after reloading the page now it’s back down to what I initially expected. It’s a relief for sure! But still a bug.


I’ve had my share of heart attacks because of that glitch :joy:


Just curious, but do you have any scripts installed that might tweak how the number of reviews is displayed?

Nope, don’t use any scripts.

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I experienced something similar, but I don’t think it’s really a bug. I had vacation mode on for a long time, and google autofills the reviews page so when I hit enter it took me to the reviews page and showed me having all the reviews that built up, but when I went to the home page, it showed everything as locked because of vacation mode.

If you’re lazy like I am and accessing the home page like that, that might be the reason why. WK just isn’t blocking your access if you go that way

I’ve experienced a similar issue when I leave vacation mode, and I think it’s just a race condition between the page refreshing after the “end vacation mode” request is submitted and that request actually completing.


Sounds like a good guess. Hopefully they can address it but I guess I understand if they have higher priorities, since this probably doesn’t come up often.

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