Feature 提案: vacation mode activates when review threshold is hit

Hello Wanikani team,

thanks a lot for your work.

I’d very much like for WK to go in Vacation mode when the reviews hit a certain treshold so I can control the pace to a certain measure.

100, 150, 200 and so on.

Please let me know what yout think.

You can kinda keep your reviews under a certain number just by having about 100-150 apprentice items max. Usually the others (Guru and above) won’t come all together, neither that often. Also, you might need to find a way to do your reviews more often if they are pilling up already at only level 6. The next levels will just be adding to your line of reviews and lessons. If you don’t have the time to do your reviews more than once every day, then I think you should slow down your lessons (10 per day, instead of all at once). But it would be really good if you could do your reviews at least twice or three times a day, with your phone during your way to work/school/etcetera or during a break, even if it is just like 15 minutes, or the higher levels might chew you out.
Also I don’t think such a request will be added to WK, but maybe someone has or could do a script for that.


A threshold in the number of reviews could solve your problem @ss1100 about making the vacation mode go automatic when you can’t do it by yourself.


My idea is simply, not doing reviews in 7 days.

Does anyone use the “Lessons & review counts email update frequency”? Maybe they could replace that with something like “mail me after X days inactivity about auto vacation mode”

FYI you’d have to manually turn off vacation mode to work on your reviews again, because they’re not accessible under vacation mode. Also, depending on your pace your progress could be significantly stifled, because once your burn items start showing up you could have well over 300-400 reviews per day.

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