Reviews Accumulating in Vacation Mode

Hey guys, as the title says, I’m still getting reviews while in vacation mode. I can see this with the Ultimate Timeline plugin which shows when I’m getting new reviews and I also see the number of reviews increase in the icon of the WaniKani app. Is this the intentional functionality of Vacation Mode? Thanks!

I personally wouldn’t trust third party tools to give you a good estimate like that. Vacation mode freezes reviews in place, so not only will your review count not change at all, but the times the reviews will come up won’t either.


no, you won’t be getting any reviews during vacation mode. I’ll let someone else explain how the Ultimate Timeline works, but regardless, it has no influence on how WK functions as a site.

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While the review icon does show the number of reviews increasing and the API still reports reviews as becoming available when vacation mode is active, this doesn’t actually happen. The moment you leave vacation mode the number of reviews will reset to the number before you activated vacation mode, so you don’t actually get any new reviews while it’s active.


Post in Ultimate Timeline thread to get it fixed?

Just a note, I deactivated vacation mode this morning, and when I first did it, it showed all of the reviews that would have accumulated, but a refresh of the site showed the correct number. So, i think you’re seeing some sort of background process, but the reviews are not actually piling up. That’s what I assumed happened with me.