Using WaniKani and Remembering the Kanji?

I used Jitai, a font randomizer script on WK for a while, and despite not practicing handwriting, i had no problems recognizing the Kanji, even with that weird banana font.
Of course handwriting practice does help with reading, especially handwriting.

If you enjoy learning handwriting, that’s great, but i think it’s not important until you’re somewhat fluent, that is, you actually know something reasonable to write in any given situation.

In the beginning, reading Kanji, vocabulary size and grammar are much more important.
See that thread of a lvl 60 user having an easier time learning to write after completing WK.

Though again, if you enjoy learning to handwrite and you have the time in your japanese study routine, by all means, enjoy (=

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Honestly, I’d recommend you only continue using RTK if you want to learn how to write the kanji. If you have no interest in writing, then doing both RTK and WK will probably just not be worth it. If you don’t want to write, RTK won’t likely help you remember the kanji any better than WK alone because they use different radical names and different mnemonics.


I completely agree, but yeah I do like it!! The way I’m using WaniKani right now is that I only learn how to write the kanji from the levels after I’ve already gone through all of them. I’ll probably have to do that halfway through levels though, once I get up to the higher levels, since they have much more material haha.

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For sure!! Also haha thank you, Edens Zero is so good!!

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Yes it is!! I hope I’m able to read either Fairy Tail or Edens Zero in Japanese soon. I just love the characters ^^

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I tried using RTK before moving over to WaniKani - it was fine for me up until around 600 kanji, but the further I moved along, the worse I found the key words and mnemonics - they started getting tiresome, inaccurate, weird, or too scholarly. And mnemonics aren’t even provided after certain chapters, so you’ll have to make up your own or adapt other people’s - which I also found annoying.

Now I just use WaniKani for kanji meaning + reading, and KameSame for writing of mastered kanji and vocab (it expects Japanese input, so I can use the Chinese keyboard on my phone to draw kanji, along with the romaji keyboard for kana). So far so good :blush:


This thread was two days away from dying.


I rest my case.

What’s that got to do with me learning kanji in the most effective way possible? I’m not here to be confused by poets, I’m here to learn kanji.

But what if the cartoon character is really smart and well educated?

Care to elaborate on that? From my understanding it’s just pairing one english word with a kanji and mnemonic to go with it that you create yourself. Unless you’re in Japan and immersed in the language and want to learn fast then I see wk as a better resource.


Where did I say that lol? You’ve just completely ignored most of my post.

Your intelligence and elegance are irrelevant to this endeavour. :stuck_out_tongue:


True, anyone can learn kanji!

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>No offence

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