Is it worth it to do Wanikani and RTK

I’m level 41 on Wanikani and I feel that for some vocab/kanji I am really bad at remembering what they are. Do you think I should try RTK too or just carry on as usual?

I would carry on as usual. Really the best way to reinforce things is to use the language. That’s what makes things stick.


What is RTK?

Remembering the Kanji book series, I think


IMO, RTK sequence is even neater than WaniKani; but its method is a little… extreme.

I think is better to know a little RTK.

That’s what I heard aha. I just feel that a lot of the Kanji words I’m learning now I never see in real life or anywhere in Japan.

I’d definitely start keeping an Anki or Houhou deck by the time you get to your level with items you pick up by reading. I had a lot of kanji show up in VNs or games that weren’t included on the site.

That’s not a ding on WK, just the 80/20 rule in action. The same is true on the vocab front. There are a ton of vocab even using lower-level kanji that aren’t included on the site just because the sheer number would be overwhelming.


Great comment from a great guy! Hisashiburi desu ne!

Hey there! Haven’t seen you around the slack in a while. Hope all is well with you!

RTK seems barbaric. Plus, doesn’t the method require full attention? Meaning, you’d have to drop Wanikani to focus on it. I’d never do it, really. Familiarize yourself with the +2000 kanji WK teaches, learn new ones in the wild and keep practising them with readings. That’s the way, I believe.

The beginning of the Wanikani mode in Torii is sooo frustrating because of all the words involving 下.

If Wanikani had all of them, that would be really ridiculous and off putting, so yeah, I see the point :joy:

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I have no idea how RTK works but the way you all describe it makes it sound like it electroshocks you when you get an item wrong or something along those lines.

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