Using Japanese sites for learning English to help learn Japanese

Ok, so first post but I thought this was handy. I was searching how to use a certain word and added “使い方“ after and was browsing the websites and stumbled upon a site for Japanese speakers to learn English. I ended up getting distracted and not finding the answer I was looking for but I was amazed at how helpful the site was for me. For example, the way they described “like” and compared it to 好き、のような、and のように made pretty good sense. I added a screenshot for those in needs of pictures. It makes me read in Japanese and helps practice and also grasp the language better. Anyone else use things like this?

Btw the website was if you’re interested.


That’s actually a really good idea.

I checked out the site and it could be an easy way to pick up grammar nuances.

I thought about doing this with LingoDeer. They have a Japanese learning English option

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