Any Suggestion for grammar learning?

I am a Chinese guy and I have been studying Japanese words using memrise and gained like around 3000 words. Recently I started to use this kanji studying website and it feels great (keep me motivated). To be honest, I feel much easier to learn radicals/kanji/vocab because there are similar words in Chinese.However, it seems to me that the hardest part would be the grammar. So does anyone has any suggestions regarding how to learn the grammar the fun way? Also, does reading a novel like ナミヤ雑貨店の奇蹟 help with the grammar? I try to read the novel and the progress would be very slow. I have to search almost everything and some grammar are just confusing. Any comments would be greatly helpful!



If you want free resources:

Then if you want a grammar SRS you can use


Thanks a lot athomasm, that is really helpful!


LingoDeer App has a Chinese Language Japanese Course, however your English seems excellent and some of the English Language resources may well work for you. I also like the Minato online courses, they have free courses in both Chinese and English, although the English ones go further.


Thank you elynchbell!

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