Userscripts and windows RT

Hey guys.

I’d like to use the Surface (1) as a netbook to review on the go but, as it’s a winRT based system, I’m stuck with Internet Explorer (11, I think) and can’t think of a way to use scripts.

I know some of you are going to say that I don’t really need userscripts per se and they’d be right but I tend to make many (MANY) typos and not using the correct button script will result in severe delay in my review.

Of course, there’s no WK app on the microsoft store so that’s not an option.

Any ideas ?

Thank you !

This might help you: Tampermonkey -Information


Thank you.
The thing is, winRT doesn’t allow programs other than those on the store to be installed so I think it’s not gonna work, nbut I’m still gonna take a deepest look.
thanks again

I’m just thinking that an internet explorer 11 add-on might work, but I have no idea how ie11 works on RT so it’s just a guess

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