Userscripts Not Working?

I did a review session just now and none of the userscripts I use are functioning. The ultimate timeline doesn’t load on the dashboard, either. I’ve disabled/reenabled, refreshed the page, etc. but no dice.

Is this just a “me” problem or are other people experiencing this too?

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They are working fine (using pitch info and ultimate timeline) in my case

I have the same problem. Tambermonkey is working and all scripts are active but none of them are showing on the dashboard. Yesterday they all worked just fine.

I found that going into Chrome’s settings and clearing the browsing data made the scripts functional again, so if you haven’t tried that yet it might fix it for you too.

I had to clear the data 2 or 3 times for it to work, so if it doesn’t work the first time maybe it will if you do it multiple times.

It worked, thank you !