[UserScript] WK Forums: Hide Users' Posts


Ever run across someone on the forums you hate? Would you like to never have to see their posts ever again? If so, here you go.
Click their avatar, and now there’s a “hide posts” button in there. Click that little guy, and you’ll never have to see posts from this person again. Hooray!
(It won’t take effect immediately. You’ll need to refresh the page)


Note: You can also mute users in the forum preferences. This just stops notifications, but its nice in addition to this script.

What do you want now? (Request extensions here)
Block user functionality?
App Store script

Thank you


This script sounds promising, although I think that editing that screenshot, so that the blocked user’s avatar, nickname and level are no longer visible might be a wise idea…
Something like this:


It would be a diplomatic move.


Eh, Just giving proper credit to the user that inspired the script.
Edit: The powers to be have chimed in. The jerks identity has been obscured. :-1::toilet:


Praise be to the :crabigator:


Indeed :sweat_smile:
P. S. Now that the problem is solved, I was going to give a like to DaisukeJigen先輩 - and found out that I’m out of likes again… I’ll have to wait till my likes replenish :slight_smile:


I’ve been rather bemused by the like system here. In the middle of the morning, after three or four likes, it said I was out for the day, and that I had to wait another hour before I had more likes. Which timezone are the likes in, I wonder?


They replenish discretely over time. Dunno if it’s one by one, but it’s not all at once, at least.