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Is there a way to see what level I was when I posted a message to the forum? Today I’m at level 3, but a year from now, somebody reading this post will see something different next to my gravatar. Just an idea…


Unfortunately not, but that would be a really nice feature.

Do you want me to move this topic to the WaniKani feedback subcategory?


Yes, thanks!

Done! I know WaniKani mostly doesn’t customize the forums (they basically use Discourse’s software out of the box) but I wonder if this is something they could do, just like how they display a user’s current level.

Wow, I actually think that would be a pretty neat idea especially if the user is active on the forums and wants wants to take down a trip to memory lane (a.k.a their post history) in order to see how far they’ve progressed!

Well… why not.

Very good idea!

It’s an okay idea. (just to go against what everyone else said… it’s actually a great idea :slight_smile:)

I agree that it would be a good idea! Even more practically than just ‘a trip down memory lane’, it can actually be really confusing to read old threads sometimes. People often give advice or something based on their current level, but… they’re now like 30 levels ahead of that.

It’s nice to know their current level as well though, because if I can see they made it to level 60 I’m more likely to pay attention to their advice from level 30 ^^

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