Hiding the Forum



Is there a way, a script, to hide the Forum please ?!


Hide the forum how?


how to hide the forum on WK : that’s the question !


This userstyle hides all the “useless” panels on the dashboard. If there is one you don’t want removed you just have to remove one line from the css.


It worked but
*New Unlocks In The Last 30 Days

  • Critical Condition Items
  • Burned Items In The Last 30 days
    disappeared too

the CSS says : display: none !important;

How can I add the missing panels ?!


Remove the related lines from the style so it looks like this

    display: none !important;

or this if you want to keep the blog too

.forum-topics-list  /* notice here that there is no comma on the end */
    display: none !important;

How do I mute a forum thread?

Thanks a lot it’s perfect ! <3

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