Hiding the Forum


Is there a way, a script, to hide the Forum please ?!

Hide the forum how?

how to hide the forum on WK : that’s the question !

This userstyle hides all the “useless” panels on the dashboard. If there is one you don’t want removed you just have to remove one line from the css.

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It worked but
*New Unlocks In The Last 30 Days

  • Critical Condition Items
  • Burned Items In The Last 30 days
    disappeared too

the CSS says : display: none !important;

How can I add the missing panels ?!

Remove the related lines from the style so it looks like this

    display: none !important;

or this if you want to keep the blog too

.forum-topics-list  /* notice here that there is no comma on the end */
    display: none !important;

Thanks a lot it’s perfect ! <3

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