Block user functionality?

Can someone point me to the functionality to block users on the forums? I swear I’ve seen people mention being able to do it before but I’ve gone all over a user profile and found nothing. This seems like something any forum software would have,


Go to your preferences under notifications there you can mute users.

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That seems to only mute notifications. There is also this script which hides the post

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Ahh, so it was a user script. Okay, thank you.

I doubt people have been talking about it though, it only got 6 installs

Perhaps there was another way then, but this seems like it’ll do the job.

Edit: Or perhaps maybe not… doesn’t seem like it works anymore.

You have to refresh after blocking someone, and there isn’t anything to indicate it has taken effect after clicking the button. I did check if it still worked before posting

edit: Still trying to remember how you unblock someone… sorry @Powerpuncher

I’m not seeing the “hide posts” button so I haven’t gotten to that point yet. Maybe I need to restart my browser. I’ve not updated to FF57 so as far as I know Greasemonkey should still work with it. I’ll also try it from home later.

Hmm, I see there isn’t an onload trigger, so try navigating somewhere else and try it, instead of refreshing

Huh, looks like I get it in this thread now, but not in the one I’m trying to use it in. In any case, I’ll play with it some more, thanks for your help.

Either way you should be able to reach Daisuke in that thread if you have any problems

Well, if you’ll read this someday, I’m glad I could help you test it.

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I ended up just clearing the script’s localstorage

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Some say @Powerpuncher never existed in the first place.


I’ll admit, that script isn’t perfect. The way Discourse works, its pretty easy for it to “forget” what its doing. Tried to hook into triggers as best I could, but it’ll miss from time to time. A ctrl+F5 usually gets it going again.

Yep, it never got much love, from the end-users or myself.

Did I ever even code that in?.. Haven’t looked at the code in forever, but I don’t think I ever considered that use case. Bad design on my part.

I thought you did, because I remember also blocking Franken and later realising I didn’t like not seeing every post in a thread. Maybe I just turned the script off.

Yeah, I didn’t realise how bad it was until I tried to make a script myself and had to incorporate onload, onpushstate, and onpopstate, alongside mutation observers just to catch every case. Half the script is just making sure it fires at the right time.

On behalf of the many people who need to block me, please get it working as best you can as soon as possible.


Meh, you get used to you pretty quickly


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