[Userscript] WK Dashboard Cockpit

Both Dashboard Level Progress Detail and R/K/V Tiny Bars operate on the level progress panel, and as such probably interfere with each other. I have both active now on my dashboard, but they only look happy together if I set Tiny Bars to ‘Dedicated card below default’, in other words, if I set it to its own panel (it shows beneath the heatmap for me then).
Either script can replace the radicals and kanji with bars, so you could decide which one of the two you want (they both show progress bars). Note that I do have the updated version of the Dashboard level Progress Detail (with rounded corners), and it seems to interfere with Tiny Bars less than the original.

The sequence in which they load (visible in your script dashboard) can also affect situations like this, where two scripts are partially doing the same thing (replacing contents of a single panel).