[Userscript] WK Dashboard Cockpit

I think I have it working - I’m not sure what the best place for the fix is, it might just be the cockpit script. I now have

for the two location options of the review button, without messing up the hover on the button in the header. To achieve this, I added specific css to the review_hover_details that is under my reviewButtonBlock

             #reviewButtonBlock {
                 position: relative;
             #reviewButtonBlock #review_hover_details {
                 top: 100px;

and I have to adjust the ‘left’ styling whenever the button block moves (75% for the button on the left, the standard 50% for the button on the right).
I’m not sure how you would govern it from the review hover details script - it’s so specific for this situation, and I couldn’t find any single value for ‘left’ that would look satisfactory in both cases.

Let me know if you figure out a way to display it from your end, or if you’d rather I cope with it from my end.

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I don’t remember if I had any reason for not doing this before, so I moved the element to inside the button for easier alignment. I also tweaked my CSS a bit. This should center the element below the button. If you want it off to the side as in your screenshots then you can change that in your script.

WaniKani Review Hover Details

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Why do the progress bars (long, short, full) all extend further on the right side than all other elements of the display?

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With an invisible review forecast, it’s grid column is gone, but the margin between the columns (10px) still exists. The progress bar extends across that margin, the rest of the content does not. I’ll see if I can fix that.

edit: I also see the grid is just wider than the other elements. Should be fixable.
edit: fixed in v0.5


works like a charm! ありがとうございます!


Version v0.5 is available. Small fix this time

– fixed right margin and width display


looks great :innocent:

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why don’t you add some buttons which allow you to hide the progress of either the Radicals or the Kanji? this would tidy up the dashboard what would be very nice, especially when you have a few scripts running.

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The Dashboard cockpit does not modify the contents of the level progress panel. For this you can install a separate script (it won’t interfere with the cockpit). I think there are already some scripts available that only display items you are still working on.

For instance

gives more control about what to display and what not to display, but I’m not sure it has the feature you are looking for.

I personally use a script that displays only progress bars, although it can be configured to display the standard contents as well:

If you can’t find a script with the feature you want, you can probably request it in the thread for the script you’d like to use.



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Hi all, was wondering if anyone else is having an issue with the total progress bar?

It would be amazing if I only had 8.44% of Wanikani left but that is certainly not the case… it seems that perhaps the program is calculating the proportions of my currently unlocked items in each category.

Is there an update I missed, or another script I need to install, to fix this?

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Haven’t seen this issue yet. My bar currently still looks fine. The percentages are calculated based on a dynamic number, so it looks like the script failed to retrieve number of locked items. Is there an error message in the console? (Press F12 to get some debugging information).
edit: fixed in v0.5.3

I have the latest version of the cockpit, dashboard level progress detail and the R/K/V Tiny Bars installed. I’ve been trying to remove the panel with the radicals and kanji coming up as all that whitespace to the right of it doesn’t look good at all. This is what it currently looks like:

When selecting to replace the panels in R/K/V tiny bars it removes them, but unfortunately also all of the progress bars:

I like the aesthetics of the dashboard level progress detail more than those of the R/K/V tiny bars script. Perhaps I have missed something in the settings, but would anybody know of a way to remove the per upcoming radical and kanji data without removing the dashboard level progress dashboard?

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Both Dashboard Level Progress Detail and R/K/V Tiny Bars operate on the level progress panel, and as such probably interfere with each other. I have both active now on my dashboard, but they only look happy together if I set Tiny Bars to ‘Dedicated card below default’, in other words, if I set it to its own panel (it shows beneath the heatmap for me then).
Either script can replace the radicals and kanji with bars, so you could decide which one of the two you want (they both show progress bars). Note that I do have the updated version of the Dashboard level Progress Detail (with rounded corners), and it seems to interfere with Tiny Bars less than the original.

The sequence in which they load (visible in your script dashboard) can also affect situations like this, where two scripts are partially doing the same thing (replacing contents of a single panel).

Hm, that’s interesting. The issue is still there for me. Here’s what popped up when I typed F12:

Is that error message useful in figuring something out?

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I see the rounded edges on the bars, so I also know you now have settings available for the Dashboard Level Progress Detail script. Try hitting the ‘Hide current level items’ option.
The error message means nothing btw - you don’t have a gravatar so it defaults to the standard image.

I decided to go with the dashboard’s bars instead of R/K/V, and removing WK’s native review prediction log also reordered the lay-out in a way that looks better. There’s still a little white space between the dial and my heatmap below because of the radicals and kanji panel, but it’s no longer awkward-looking. I do have the latest version of the dashboard, but made the corners a bit less rounded - thank you for creating this amazing script! :cherry_blossom:

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I tried that, with no success unfortunately. I also tried turning off all of my other userscripts to see if any were interfering, but the issue didn’t go away - the total progress bar is still displaying the wrong thing:

Any other ideas that might fix this?

And thanks, by the way, for all of your quick and helpful responses!

There’s an option in the dashboard to show the ‘locked count’ (you currently have it turned off). Turning that on might trigger a refetch of the locked items. In any case, it should indicate what the script thinks you have left in items past lvl 12.
Otherwise, maybe load a different script that will fetch the locked items, like Kumirei’s ‘Locked count’ script, to see what that manages to retrieve.

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That did the trick, thanks so much!

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