Missing icon for how many lessons had been completed

I am not sure whether I’m in the right place, let me know if I should post it somewhere else.

Before the big update a few weeks ago, I used to see how many lessons I completed in each session while still inside the session. There was a small icon at the top right corner of the page.
I am not sure whether this was a regular Wanikani feature or if it was added by some script. I had my laptop changed unexpectedly and lost all the scripts I had, so I can’t check this.

Does anyone know if there’s a script I can use to add this icon or if it was a Wanikani thing that we lost in the update?


This was a wanikani thing that we lost in the update, which I also miss. I’m not sure if there are any scripts to add it back, I think it’s gone as a natural consequence of removing study sessions in general.

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This is talking about lessons, not reviews now.

Drop the WK team an email about how you would love something to replace that feature at hello@wanikani.com. I did it, many others also did it, the more reports they get the more likely it is for the feature to be prioritized.

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My mistake, whoops I’ll delete my post.

Oh yes!! I miss that small counter too. It was super useful to not go over my set limit for the day, now I have to go back and forth counting how many lessons I have done today on the calendar script I have :skull:
Bring it back!!!


@Adi-M @KJules @Pitapi

Quickly threw this together, see if it helps


Thank you, this works perfectly :heart:

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