Reading to Meaning Mode Idea (would this help anyone else?)

I had an idea while I was completing my most recent reviews. For me, WaniKani’s system is great to help me memorize the meaning or the reading of kanji/vocab, but I sometimes find it difficult to connect the reading to the meaning. For example, take the word 出血 : I can remember it’s read as しゅっけつ, and I can remember that that arrangement of kanji means bleeding, but if I heard the word しゅっけつ spoken, I would have difficulty recalling its meaning as quickly as I would if I saw the word written down. I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience, and if so would it be helpful to have a separate reviews section that plays audio of the reading with the visual of the kanji and asks for its meaning? This could maybe be only for burned kanji so you’re not cheating on memorizing the meanings. Please let me know your thoughts I genuinely want to know if anyone is struggling similarly to how I am.

The thing is, you wouldn’t know if it was 出血 or 出欠 without context or possibly pitch accent.

You can set the audio to auto play when doing reviews. I’ve found that helpful.

Reading comprehension and listening comprehension are different things and many people who are focusing on reading will struggle with the latter. It’s normal.

You can either try to add more listening comprehension exercises or something like kamesame if you want to go from English meaning to Japanese reading.


This was very helpful. Because you mentioned listening comprehension I went to the listening category and found this topic about the self study quiz some community members have created, which was exactly what I was looking for! You are correct that I need to do more listening comprehension exercises. I appreciate your help!


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