[Userscript] WaniKani Titlebar

WaniKani Titlebar

Hi everyone, I created my first user-script entailed about WaniKani and made it so you can view your review/lessons count inside of the title of the page, this script updates so when it automagically changes on WaniKani it automagically changes on the titlebar too!

Ideal functionality is to have WaniKani open in another tab whilst you are browsing and to come back when the numbers are shown!

Furthermore, i’m aware this is a script already, but I wanted to show the actual count of things in my menubar and through the use of other user-scripts such as WaniKani Real Numbers I can show the count higher than 42+!


Click here to install
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NOTE You must have a user-script extension in order to use this script, they are as follows.


Source can be found on my Github. This is alongside any future user-scripts that I work on!


Appears as theres an issue with Firefox at the moment, i’ll look into a fix shortly. Appears to be the same with WaniKani Real Numbers also, so there may be no fix at this current time.

Did you only see this script?

Because this does the exact same thing

@jakeoid This is pretty funny. We made the same script. xD

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:o I thought you were dead

Oh oops! I only did a quick search, oh well! Cant hurt to have more than one script to do the same thing, am I right @bleu, haha.

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Haha, you should never trust the Discourse search engine it’s incapable of even the most basic searches.

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