Kanjiverse ☆ Next Gen Japanese Learner's Dictionary App

Hi everyone,
I wanted to share a project I’m developing, it’s a dictionary app with visual aids to learn kanji, like component graphs and other features relevant to people learning with radicals and mnemonics like wanikani or RTK.

You can find more visuals and presentation of the features at kanjiverse.com. Some of the core features:

  • modern design and improved UX, search bar with auto completion
  • info presented as customizable cards
  • visual decomposition of kanji in its components
  • interface and content adapt to your level
  • every words, kanji, readings and sentences are color coded by frequency of usage
  • provide “real” sample sentences from the internet categorized by origin such as wiki, anime, drama, forum, etc
  • sync your data to the cloud and access it on all your devices and browsers
  • create your own lists of kanji/words/mnemonics, share them or use community contributions
  • wanikani integration: display wanikani keywords and sync your progress

A beta will be ready soon (iOS, Android and web) so I’m looking for feedback to know on which features I should focus. Please let me know what you think. Yoroshiku :wink:


Has this been cleared by the mods? 268801101812334592

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I think if I were trying to low key pitch something, I would just find one of the daily “WK - other options??” threads and casually mention it there, disguised as a user. But even if I wear to make a seperate thread about it, I would never adress the community as community.


It sure hasn’t since this was the first time we’ve heard of this :face_with_monocle:


It was so blatant that I wasn’t sure whether it had been ok’d :+1:t2:


I mean, the breakdown of the characters into (WK?) radicals sure makes it relevant to the community :thinking: We are probably the best group of users to beta test it as well.
That being said, it sounds like an ad for a paid service (I haven’t checked, though) from a non WK user, which certainly breaks the forum rules.


I automatically cry inside when I read “kanjis.”


Oh, rather.

Weird thing about Japanese words - the fact that they can be both singular and plural somehow carries over when they’re used in English. One manga, two manga. One anime, two anime. One kanji, two kanji.


Exactly, which is why “kanjis” is so cringe, especially from a user who is apparently well-versed enough to be creating a dictionary app…

I’m going to watch some animes to support my bunpous benkyous, maybe even pick up some mangas. Then I’ll have a few sakes in the evening and while I sing some karaokes.

(I’m sorry)


I’m the author of this post, apologies if I made everyone cringe with words like “community” and “kanjis”, my English isn’t that great but I’m quite confident with kanji :wink:
Sorry I broke the rules of the forum, I’ve seen other similar posts in this category so I assumed it would be the place to share a project if it has integration with wanikani’s API. It’s definitely not an ad nor a paid service, it is just a personal project I’m developing. Cheers


Sorry it felt like an ad, this is just a work-in-progress project and it won’t be a paid service either.
Regarding the radicals, currently I’m using a mixture of Heisig’s radicals, Unihan and Kanjidic’s definitions but I plan to add Wanikani’s with the option to switch between the source of radical keyword to display.


I guess I got that impression from the word “subscribe”, but otherwise, as I said, it sounds like a cool project and it’s definitely relevant to the people around these parts (trying really hard not to say “community” since it’s apparently a bad word ™)


I’ve edited the post to make it sounds less like an ad or a paid service, which it isn’t :wink: If you think it’s relevant to wanikani 3rd party apps, what should I do to get mods approval?

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From the meme thread from a long time ago.

I’m sorry :persevere:. I didn’t mean it that way. I thought it was strange to use it when addressing, not when referring.


@dossiman Does it use Wanikani components as pseudoradicals? If yes it could be helpful when learning non wanikani Kanji after level 60 if someone wants to keep using WK mnemonics. Kanji Study does show Kanji decomposition but it uses traditional radicals.

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I think it’s more the fact that it sounds cringe coming from someone outside the community.

I think your first step is to actually engage with the community first. When your only post is related to the thing you’re trying to promote it feels really scammy to me even if your intentions are good.


I use IDS decomposition (for hyogaiji too) and the keywords are from RTK or unihan’s definition. So as long as the pseudoradical exists in Unicode, it could be used, it’s only a matter of preference to use RTK keyword, wanikani’s or your own.

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I guess it just doesn’t feel that way to me, possibly because English isn’t my native language. :woman_shrugging:

Similarly, I don’t think it’s necessary to interact with the community first. If anything, that would feel scammy to me.
I think the proper steps would have been to ask permission from the WK team first instead.
At the end of the day, things went well, I suppose, since the original post has been unflagged.


Thanks. I’ll keep an eye on this thread.