[Userscript] Wanikani Overide no longer works

Hello, I have been using Wanikani for a few years and have the Wanikani Override script installed which helps me compensate for my many many typos I have almost anytime I do a review. I was hoping someone might be able to fix this script or if there was another way around this problem. I also use the script Wanikani Review Wrong Info which would be nice if it get fixed too.
I have the Wanikani open framework installed and the latest version of the script installed. I also turned on the script compatibility mode but this did nothing. I use Google Chrome for Wanikani because it hangs on Firefox whenever I do reviews. I use tampermonkey and Windows 10.
Any help or workarounds would be great, thanks.

Override is no longer maintained. the script Double Check is the currently maintained replacement.


Thanks for recommending this, I am able to study with out worrying about my many typos.

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