[Userscript] WaniKani Open Framework Additional Filters (Recent Lessons, Leech Training, Related Items, and more)

Those are great and with the new Self-study quiz this is amazing! Now I just have to drill the 単語.

Is anyone actually turning off any of the additional filters in the global settings? This is the setting that makes it so the option doesn’t even show up in the Self Study script’s Items tab in its settings. I’m asking because I might get rid of the setting if nobody is using it. You’d still be able to use or not use each filter however you want in Self Study of course, it’s just that the checkbox will always be visible in the Items tab of Self Study.

If I use the Related Items filter, re quiz doesn’t work anymore.

That’s odd… Are there any errors in the console after you try to requiz?

There is no error in the console.
All scripts are up to date.

If I’m the only one who has this, its no problem :slight_smile:
I have a workaround which breaks something else I don’t use :wink:

I won’t have time today but I can try to look tomorrow. If you don’t hear from me by the weekend I probably forgot, so just remind me then.

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It works fine for me. Can you tell me exactly what item filter settings you are using?

But like I said, if its just me you don’t need to waste your time :grin:

I’ve been using this extensively since the other leech script has fallen into disrepair, and I just wanted to say thanks so much. It has been saving me mountains of grief and helping me way more than I’d have imagined. I’m barely keeping up with my studies as is, so when really generous people share solutions like this it is soooooo enabling and I really can’t overstate how delightful it is to feel like I actually have a handle on these things now.


I’ve been using this script intensively for my self study quiz to help me squashing my leeches. It’s been troublesome to always use forum search just to get back to this thread. I saved this thread link in my Apple Notes.

I’ve just put this thread link to The New and Improved List of API and Third Party Apps under Dashboard.

I couldn’t figure out what this script did exactly but after reading this thread for long enough I figured it out. Thanks for the great addition to self study script.

I especially like doing forced recall to just audio. Definitely a great tool.

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This is awesome, I started using this yesterday and I’m already seeing great value in it.

Just wondering if it’s at all possible to add a filter that can test on the alternate readings / meanings? I find that sometimes I’m fine with the main reading or meaning, but it takes ages to learn any alternates, leading to a lot of mistakes.

Thank you for creating this :smile:

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I think that would be out of scope for this script. All I can do is change what items you review, not how the review process works. I’d recommend asking rfindley in the main Self Study thread if you want a way to force you to answer with secondary/multiple readings/meanings.

Glad you’re enjoying the script!

Thanks for getting back to me, I’ll give that a try!

Wooh, I just got a notification that the script link has been clicked 1000 times!


Congrats! Looks like this is your second Famous Link badge.

(pardon the pun :grin:… famous link)


How can I make a custom list of Vocabulary words all within WaniKani? (marked WaniKani items is fine). I need to self quiz on my own list of tough vocabs.

You can’t do that with the script as-is, but you could adapt the Related Items filter pretty easily to do what you want. For example by using a comma separated list and filtering for exact item matches.

That said, many of the items you’re struggling with are likely leeches, so you could probably use that filter to get close to your desired list. Assuming you’ve done enough reviews in recent months for WaniKani to have enough data on your review stats that is.

is this still working? I can see it showing up on the script setting but i cannot see it on the dashboard. i would like to use the leech training…


Yes it is! You need to go into the settings to activate the ones you want to use though, then configure them for something like the self-study quiz script (which is linked in the OP). The self-study quiz doesn’t show on the dashboard though, it’s available in the script menu.

P.S. Also just realised I never popped in here to say thank you for these filters since I started using them – so thank you! This script, along with the self-study quiz script, literally fixes WK for me (the default SRS intervals are too long so I get a lot of leeches, and there is no official leech management).