[Userscript] WaniKani JJ External Definition from Weblio (JP) and Kanjipedia

@NicoleIsEnough If you are OK with it, I would overtake the script and maintain by myself now.

  • Radicals are deemed as Kanji
  • Kanji (and Radicals) are also searched in Weblio
  • Fix Kanji and vocabulary definition not showing on Info and Extra Study pages
  • Now tried with Review, Lesson, and Extra Study pages.
  • Dictionary results are moved to the top
  • Use Item Info Injector
  • Weblio
    • 々 is converted to real character repeats.
    • Weblio now includes up to 3 results.
    • Each Weblio result is trimmed to 1000 HTML characters.
    • Weblio’s results of non-WaniKani readings, and Kanji, are deprioritized. Suffixes and する verbs are also prioritized. (Moved down, or possibly trimmed.)
  • Kanjipedia
    • If a Kanji isn’t found in Kanjipedia, don’t throw errors (e.g. 々)
    • Add basic 異体字 support from Kanjipedia.
    • Kanji readings with Okurigana are styled, rather than dotted, so that they can be picked up by Yomichan.
  • Backing up search results in browser (IndexedDB) for offline. (Online scraping only for new entries, and previously not found.)

The actual repo is at wanikani-userscript/external-definition.user.js at master · patarapolw/wanikani-userscript · GitHub

I also use auto reveal Item Info script, which I edited from [Script] Item Info AutoExpander - #19 by irrelephant

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