[Userscript] WaniKani JJ External Definition from Weblio (JP) and Kanjipedia

Just as I thought, Weblio has changed something on their pages. The issue is should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting!

You can download Ver. 0.8 here: WaniKani External Definition
or e.g. upgrade it on your Tampermonkey dashboard.

If you find any pages where the definition still does not get inserted, please feel free to post the links here so I can look into it again.


I did find a page doing lessons just now - the weblio definition for research institute / 研究所 is consistently crashing the page whether it’s in lessons or on its own page

(just wanna say thanks for maintaining this script since i didn’t say so already, it’s really useful!! also sorry if there’s a better place to post than this thread lol)

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Thank you for reporting this! (This is actually the perfect place for reports like these.)
The issue was that there was a script hidden in the part that I scraped from weblio and injected into the WK page, and WK did not particularly like that :laughing:

Anyways, I fixed the issue and uploaded version 0.9 to Greasyfork, you should be able to update it now.

Also I’m really happy to hear that the script is useful to you! Then I’m happy to maintain it. :star_struck:

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@Mods sorry for the misunderstanding, I should have made this clearer from the start:

I was actually talking about this thread’s OP :sweat_smile: Could you please turn it into a Wiki? I would like to add a link to the new version to it as I have taken over maintenance of the script from polv.

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Oh oops, sorry. Ok updated!

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Do you need my help, as I am not actively using WaniKani anymore?

I mean, can I unwatch?

I think we got everything sorted by now, thanks for checking back!

You mean, not watch this thread any more? Yes, I will take care of it moving forward.

Good luck with whatever your next steps in life are!

Thanks, feel free to @polv if you need any help.

Currently, I use less CDN; and tend to use build steps.

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I just released v. 0.10 which additionally displays the kanji readings from Kanjipedia. They are inserted on the kanji, lesson and review pages.

Please shout out if you find any issues or dislike anything about it!


It’s nice that it is being maintained, and fixed according to the real website.

You might also be possible to use actual dictionary files, if you can find them somewhere.

How about using https://kanji.jitenon.jp instead of Kanjipedia, as it also has data for 異体字?

@NicoleIsEnough If you are OK with it, I would overtake the script and maintain by myself now.

  • Radicals are deemed as Kanji
  • Kanji (and Radicals) are also searched in Weblio
  • Fix Kanji and vocabulary definition not showing on Info and Extra Study pages
  • Now tried with Review, Lesson, and Extra Study pages.
  • Dictionary results are moved to the top
  • Use Item Info Injector
  • Weblio
    • 々 is converted to real character repeats.
    • Weblio now includes up to 3 results.
    • Each Weblio result is trimmed to 1000 HTML characters.
    • Weblio’s results of non-WaniKani readings, and Kanji, are deprioritized. Suffixes and する verbs are also prioritized. (Moved down, or possibly trimmed.)
  • Kanjipedia
    • If a Kanji isn’t found in Kanjipedia, don’t throw errors (e.g. 々)
    • Add basic 異体字 support from Kanjipedia.
    • Kanji readings with Okurigana are styled, rather than dotted, so that they can be picked up by Yomichan.
  • Backing up search results in browser (IndexedDB) for offline. (Online scraping only for new entries, and previously not found.)

The actual repo is at wanikani-userscript/external-definition.user.js at master · patarapolw/wanikani-userscript · GitHub

I also use auto reveal Item Info script, which I edited from [Script] Item Info AutoExpander - #19 by irrelephant

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Yeah, go for it! I think I weeded out most of the bugs around getting the contents and kicking off the insertion, so if you want to adapt to the changes on the WK pages that’s fine for me. If you send me a pull request I can integrate and publish your stuff next week when I’m back home.

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I am not sure about the PR. It’s on GreasyFork.

Where do I send the PR?

I edited your code from GreasyFork, so no more of old bugs. I am not sure if it would be easier if I just edit the OP, and maintain the code myself?

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I thought it might be easier for the users if they can stick with the same script, but yeah, for me it would be easier if you take over once again.

(Just in case, the repo is GitHub - NicoleRauch/WaniKaniExternalDefinition: A WaniKani userscript that displays more information for the kanji and vocab words. Based on the original script by polv. )


Hi !
First of all, thank you for this amazing script!
I have a question, is there a setting that would put the Meaning Mnemonic before the Kanjipedia explanation and the Weblio explanation? (In order of appearance on the page). I’m still in the first levels and it’s more convenient to have Wanikani’s Meaning Mnemonic first.


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This one is really my preference to not care what WaniKani translates to.

Anyway, I put an option in the updated script (version 0.12.7) – change Line 28 set AFTER_EN_MEANING = true.

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Thank you very much!

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I have no idea about this one. 一位(いちい) is a kind of plant. (Cross-checked with JE in Yomichan.)