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Yeah I saw, but thanks anyway. :relieved:

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Just letting you know that this happened:


The link is the installation link for Item Inspector in the top post of this thread. A thousand people clicked on this link.

Thank You very much to all Item Inspector users. Your clicks are my badge. I am honored by your support.


I realized that either changing from failed last review to leeches in item inspector, maintaining no temporary filter and no view no report it always shows in self study quiz window 66 remaining.

Using another script (leech list unburnable edit ) to show how many leeches, right now it should be 158 leeches.

How can I change any setting in item inspector so I can practice the quiz with them?

I don’t know how your other script select leeches so I can’t tell which settings you should use.

For information Under tables, select Leeches and the go to the Filters tab. There you will find the settings for leeches.

First off, this script is rapidly becoming one of my absolute favorites. I’m blown away by all you’ve created here. This script is the WK equivalent of a swiss-army knife!

But I’ve learned that if you don’t ask. you don’t learn (and you rarely get treats). :slight_smile:

I’ve gradually evolved a daily study routine where I use the item inspector to pre-review items that are still in the Apprentice1 and Apprentice2 stages before starting my real WK review session.

I do this because slacker-me can’t be bothered to do my reviews more than once per day, but brand-new, unfamiliar items of course need several reviews before they even begin to “stick.”

I actually filter for just radicals and kanji, excluding vocabulary items, because if I can’t answer vocabulary questions even with the additional context, I feel I should fail those items during the “real” WK review session.

If I did reviews often enough to “catch” the 4-hour and 8-hour reviews this wouldn’t be as useful, but I haven’t had that kind of energy since the eighties.

It’s easy enough to create a table list that filters and displays only the Apprentice1 and Apprentice2 items (my bad eyes definitely prefer the “List of icons” view):

It’s also easy to click on the computer screen icon to run a self-study quiz and then choose “Japanese to English” to start my desired “out-of-band” review that most closely resembles a real WK review.

When I can’t remember the correct answer during the quiz, I can easily type F1 or click the question-mark icon.

This configuration of a self-study quiz is very close to the “pre-review” I’m after.

There’s only one more thing I could wish for: I’d really like an easy way to open a new window (or pop-up, or tab) with the full Wanikani explanation for that item:

Sometimes it’s very helpful during this “pre-review” to refresh my memory with everything I saw during the lesson.

Is there an easy way for me to get a link to the WK page while still in the context of the self-study quiz?

For now, I’m copy-and-pasting the character into the search bar of a new Wanikani-dashboard tab in my browser. That works, but it’s enough steps to be annoying.

Is there an easier way to get to the desired WK page?

Thanks for even reading this far! I hope the question/request makes sense.

I would definitely like to have such an easy way to do this. The catch is Item Inspector is calling the original Self-Study Quiz by @rfindley so this code is not managed by me. I am redirecting this request to @rfindley.

I think adding a link to WK item page with target="_blank" to avoid overwriting the ss_quiz dialog should do the trick.

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Hello! This tool has been incredibly helpful in porting WK items over to excel so I can more easily compare/contrast different items. I am a visual/spreadsheet sort of learner, and I was hand-jamming all items into excel as I learned them until I found I could export the entire database to .CSV using this tool. You saved me a ton of time and grief! :slight_smile:

I have been on hiatus from WK for about a year, but wanted to start up again, and find it hard to do so without my spreadsheets. I also haven’t exported in about a year and figured I should probably work on updating my spreadsheets since there have been some updates to the site. However when I try to export, I’ve found there are two particular columns that the Inspector no longer likes to export (yes I made sure my inspector is up to date). The first is the “Reading by Type (on kun)” and the second is “Stroke Count.” I could live without the stroke count, but the “reading by type” is critical to my method of study. I have gone through all the settings and exported all the columns individually and in groups in order to determine these are the two items that literally won’t export (when I hit the “export to .csv” button, if either are listed as an export column, nothing happens). Help! >.<

In addition to the bug report above, I wanted to ask a request. Is there any way to have separate exports for WK on’yomi and kun’yomi, especially for kanji? Since there is currently only one export for ALL readings, and another export for ALL readings by type (which, when working, merged everything together into one cell), it has been incredibly frustrating trying to find a logical way to break these out into their own sections via excel power queries. I end up just doing it by hand half the time. I would also love to have an export for “primary reading type” if able, for kanji at least. I am not sure how WaniKani stores their information, but they always show a section with the on’yomi and a section with the kun’yomi separately (and nanori), as well as highlighting whichever is primary, so I was hoping that maybe they stored the info in the same way.

I’m just trying to find a way via the inspector and power queries to future-proof my spreadsheets…ideally by exporting via the inspector whenever WK updates the site, and using the queries to break everything into their respective columns all pretty-like, without having to update all my hand-jammed items all over again. Although I’ll probably have to do some of that anyway, because I have started including the one/two-word mnemonics like “Jourm” and “Shougun” so that I have another way to sort my data, and I know WK only lists that info in paragraph format.

Anyway, thanks for any help!

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Thanks for the lengthy report. I will take a look on these issues. It may take a while though.

I dont remember if I have asked in this thread :frowning:

I want to know if I can compare two kanji to be side by side so I can see right away the difference

I see that my latest reviews I keep confusing kanji in the vocab for ‘quit’ with the one in ‘retire’. And the niai doesnt show them, but for me they are similar somehow.

Any option or config I can do this?

The closest you can get is the following:

Select the All Learned Items table. This will restrict your search to the items for which you had a lesson.

Make sure you are in list mode with the concentric circles button. This will make sure items are displayed big enough to be compared visually.


Pick the Global Search filter in the Temporary Filters dropdown. Type in the search term for your kanjis separated by commas.


This will bring up all items that are responsive to the search. The ones you want are in the list and they are close enough to be compared as if they were side by side.

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Version 1.21.0 is out - Please download it at the link in the top post.

This version addresses a number of issues including those reported by @mysticfirecat

  1. Some of the data used by Item Inspector has been updated to address the new items added to Wanikani. The updates target

    • The stroke order diagrams
    • The stroke count data
    • The Reading by type data

    Bugs resulting from incomplete data are now resolved.

  2. New information for table entries and export columns are now available.

    • Readings onyomi
    • Readings kunyomi
    • Readings nanori

    This information is available for kanji only. For vocabulary you need to use Reading by Type.

  3. The Leech Training Emulation function has been reworked to fix several bugs that plagued it. The semantics of the Size Of Training Selection parameter has been changed. Previously this parameter covered the entire size including base items and visually similar items for them. Now only the base items are counted. Visually similar items are added on top of them.

This is perfect, thank you! The only thing it doesn’t address is the primary reading/type, but I can interpolate that by separating the first reading from the “readings by type (on kun)” via delimiters, since the first one is always primary. The bigger PITA was trying to break that entire list into sub-lists based on type…and now I don’t have to!

Thanks so much for the quick bug fix, and especially for adding these extra exports. Quick work too! :smiley:

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A tip: the Reading Brief info return the first primary reading found. I am not sure if there are cases where more than one primary reading exists.

Version 1.21.1 is now available - Please update it at the link in the top post.

This version repairs a pair of issues.

  • The Reading Brief information is updated to display all primary readings of an item, not just the first one. This should address the issue raised by @mysticfirecat

  • Solves a bug in leech trainer emulation that caused some items not to be displayed when they should.

I have a question about exporting to csv. So here’s my set-up:

Under Settings > Tables > Table Settings > Export I have the following Exported Columns:

Column 1 Item
Column 2 Reading Full
Column 3 Meaning Full

Within the resulting file, if the item has more than one reading, a column will contain a mix of readings and meanings:

What export settings should I use so that the meanings and readings will not be on the same column? Thanks.

With a properly working setup the expected output is to have all readings in the same columns separated by commas and all meanings in the same column separated by commas.
Item Inspector does not attempt to place individual readings and meanings in separate columns.


Which separator are you using? Item Inspector and your spreadsheet should be set up to match their separators. If they don’t match incorrect output like this may happen.

The default separator for Item Inspector is horizontal tabs. If you set up your spreadsheet to use this you shouldn’t have this problem.

Your output looks like you may be using commas as the separator. If you use commas as separator you must request quotes to be either “Only When Needed” or “Always Use Quotes” in Item Inspector and set up your spreadsheet to use double quotes to delimit text fields.

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My initial settings were Horizontal tab with no quotes (the default setting afaik). Setting it to Commas with “only when needed” quotes fixed the issue. Thank you.

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Version 1.21.2 is now available - Please update it at the link in the top post.

Fixes problems with icons caused by a recent Wanikani site change.


Version 1.21.3 is now available - Please update it at the link in the top post.

Fixes Breeze Dark styling for Keisei explanations.