[Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector

So I have a problem: nothing shows up. Like the script isn’t even installed.

Some more info

Browser: Firefox 80.0.1 64 bit for Ubuntu
All my Wanikani scripts:
Warnings/errors when I load the dashboard:

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I am able to reproduce the problem. I am currently looking for a fix.


I have not found the bug yet but I found it doesn’t happen when you install Heatmap 3.0.0 BETA. If you don’t want to wait for me this is the way to go.

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Had a look at it out of curiosity and it looks like you’re using wkof.ready before wkof.include

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Yes, I noticed. I fixed that but I still have the problem.

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I installed the script in the meantime by myself (to check my most-lessons-done day for this thread) and yours started working (even with the 2.0 version of the heatmap). Thanks anyways, hope you can find the bug.

Curious. Just putting the include on the line about the ready did it for me

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I did that and it didn’t work for me. My startup sequence was a mess. I thoroughly cleaned it up and fixed a few more bugs in the process. I am about to post the fix.

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Finally I will not post the fix right away. It bombs on Chrome.

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Version 1.7.2 is out. Download it at the link at the beginning of the top post.

This is fixing the bug reported by @Politeod and a few other ones I found in the process.

@Politeod please let me know how it works for you.

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Yup, it works even without the heatmap now. お疲れ様でした。Although I’m going to continue using the heatmap anyways from now on :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve updated to 1.7.2 but this bug is still there.
When you toggle the list of itens instead of the table (@ button) it always goes back to the first page, and It can’t be navigated using the arrows. And if you click on the same button while on the 2nd or 3rd page it always goes back to the first.

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This is the intended behavior. To move back and forth with the arrows I keep an history of the previous positions so I can backtrack. But the two modes don’t display the same number of items. This invalidates the history and I have to reset to the first page.

However I can see that this is annoying. If I can think of a better way to navigate I will implement it in a future version.

In icon mode it may be the case that the entire table fits into one screen because we can fit over a hundred icons in a screen. Check the numbers in the upper left corner to see if this is your case. When the table fits the screen there is nowhere for the arrows to navigate to. Clicking on them have no effect.

Once the position history is reset the old position is lost. This is why your old position is lost when you return to the former mode. This is a consequence of how navigation is designed. To improve on this I will need to find a better way to navigate. If I can think of something I will do it in a future version.

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You’re correct.
Thanks for the reply.
I’m loving this script. It’s really useful.

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i love it!

found this lil typ-o


maybe you sorted already.

It’s the first time ever, i’ve made an effort to look at leeches…

Thanks @prouleau also we miss you in the POLLs

I arranged them like so:

I know exactly which ones i need to check and when…

That flippin 人情 lol… i’m gonna terminate it!

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Thanks for reporting the typo. It will be fixed in the next version.

Now it is time for a brief wine post. We had a nice pinot noir from Oregon. Sorry no picture. Pinot noir is the brand grape of burgundy. All the great wines of burgundy are made out of pinot noir. It has a reputation to be difficult to grow outside of burgundy but nowadays more and more people are successful at it. The ones who do best are from Oregon.

Now some news about scripting. It causes problems with my Japanese. There is this.


And there is also this.


I will take care of that when I am done scripting. For now getting better scripts has priority.

I have found that organizing Wanikani data into tables opens a lot of possibilities. I want ot build on this. My goal is to make sure people can make the most of their data. @saibaneko I am happy that you have found a way to organize the data to fit your needs. This is the spirit of Item Inspector. Whatever is your need, if these is a way Item Inspector will display the right data.

I have a backlog of things I want to do. For now I give priority to feedback. The export features has its fans. I received feedback on how to improve on it. This is delaying my own agenda. I care about feedback. I want people to make the most out of exports so I am implementing the improvements. I will return to my own plans afterwards.

Talking about feedback, @ekg how does the procedure to track the evolution of leeches using spreadsheet is working? Do you have tested it long enough to provide meaningful feedback?

I have read some code from @rfindley and @Kumirei The coding skills of these two are way above mine. It doesn’t show when you use the scripts but if you look under the hood at how things are done these two are masters. I still manage to do something people will enjoy using. This is the most important part. Also I arranged my code in such a way that is is very easy to include new features very fast without breaking anything. In that sense I am doing something right.

I will return to POLLIng when I am done scripting. But my backlog is quite substantial. It will take a while.

Edit: I thought I was in the POLL thread. I will repost.


Don’t look at the new heatmap’s code sweat_smile It’s a mess


I guess programmers are hard on themselves when assessing their own code.


The good ones are :wink:


Version 1.7.3 is out. Download it at the link at the beginning of the top post.

This is an emergency bugfix.

From now on audio mode will be automatically turned off every time you change the contents of the screen. It is also turned off when you use the save button of the settings. You must manually turn it on again when you want to play the audio.

The reason for this change is that audio mode downloads a large number of audio files to get ready to play the audio when you click. Just changing the display repeated times cause massive amounts of downloads. This is overly burdensome on Wanikani servers. This is also burdensome to your computer and it may slow down to a crawl. It is necessary to make sure audio mode is on only when you actually want to listen to audio.