[Userscript] Updated Kanji Highlighter

:warning: This is a third-party script/app and is not created by the WaniKani team. By using this, you understand that it can stop working at any time or be discontinued indefinitely.

Following on from looki’s Kanji Highlighter, I’ve taken the code and updated the kanji lists. I still need to double check these but all recently added kanji are now included.

Updated script link - Kanji Highlighter 2

I also want to add some new features such as pulling level with the API and highlighting based on JLPT or Joyo level. What would everyone find useful?

Source code - GitHub - thedavidcameron/kanji-highlighter: Greasemonkey userscript that highlights kanji on websites, based on their level of familiarity. (for any more missing kanji or contributions)

Note: Due to the large amount of options, running this script with Tampermonkey on Safari can hide parts of the menu for this and other scripts. You are strongly advised to modify your Tampermonkey settings so the Action Menu uses 2 or more columns.


Can I correctly assume that this works on all websites that have this kanji on them?

Broadly speaking, yes. At present, the difference is updated kanji lists so you’re going to see fewer grey kanji (eg: 斤, 叩) and the correct colours as kanji are now at the right level (eg: 私 is now lvl 6, not 14).

There are places in the original script where it couldn’t detect kanji. I’m going to investigate but I’m already aware of the following:

  • Reddit and Gmail were explicitly excluded on the original script
  • Text added after the initial page load (such as clicking for additional comments) is often not detected - note: a manual re-scan is already possible in these cases
  • Kanji in images - without OCR this will be difficult

For now, I’ve also added an exclude for WK for visual simplicity as the script is designed to help identify the personal difficulty of new texts based on kanji you know.


I appreciate the update! Looks like the script makes it so I can’t load google sheets, but it’s easy for me to add it to the exclusions :+1:

Hi this is a really cool extension!

This is really a lifesaver, now I’m not so overwhelmed trying to read pages in japanese.

Hey, I just want to report that this script breaks Google Docs and you have to disable this to be able to use it.