Wanikani Kanji Highlighter Chrome Extension


Hello all (hear me almighty Koichi),

After many, many, many hours of work I have the first (almost) version of a chrome extension that I am working on to offer to the great crabigator.

Alright, elevator pitch time. It’s basic premise is that I found looking at blocks of kanji demoralizing when trying to do some reading practice. My brain doesn’t see the kanji I know, only the ones I don’t. This extension changes that! It will take all the kanji on a given page and change it to a color based on the level it is in your wanikani database.

That way you will be able to see which kanji you know immediately and hopefully be able to read a page quicker.

Here’s a quick screenshot from NHK easy!

I know there are similar items out there but I want to make this one specific to the wanikani community. So what do y’all want to see in this chrome extension? I can try and add it before I release it!

There are still many bugs so it might be a little while before I can release it!


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